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How to create a WordPress multi-site website?

With a single installation, multiple website can be created and this built in special mode of WordPress is aptly named multisite. This was a separate version of WordPress, long back, and later merged with the regular version. Also, this can be turned on and off based on the preference of the user. If you have a small business site, with a few informational pages, or a personal blog or portfolio website, which has something to do with images, pictures and your contact info, and even a couple of websites run for various purposes and goals, it is apt to use the WordPress regular site, instead of the multisite. Here is how to create a WordPress multi-site website.

Use of multisite:

Now it is common to ask where is the multisite seem more appropriate to use. WordPress uses multisite. This is a blogging platform, where each can open his or her own personal blog. The multisite can be used in University sites, where the large amounts contents are found. These content are also often categorized into subcategories like colleges, events etc.

You should also know how different the WordPress is from WordPress multisite. The major differences lie in

  • The super administrator role
  • Network admin
  • Plugins and themes

Setting up and installation:

As said earlier, WordPress multi-site is a mode. It can be switched on and off when needed. However, you cannot assume it simple to turn on or off based on your preferences. You need to follow a definite process to do the same. When you want to create a multisite, you need to know about creating a network. Also, it is important to read the WordPress Codex. You can get the step by step instructions on creating a multisite here.

There are a few things you need to look into however,

  • Check if your web server can run a WordPress Multisite
  • A shared server is not fit for running WordPress Multisite
  • Check with your host, if multisite is allowed to run, as not all of them allow this.

Now, the actual process begins,

The codex tells the users to use the snippet called wp-config.php. This activates the network set up screen. Then, you will see instructions coming up at all points of time and all you need to do is to follow these onscreen instructions. This is a step by step guide for creating a WordPress multisite.

When you are in this process, you would be required to decide on using the sub domains and sub directories. It is important to note that these decisions cannot be changed later and hence need to stick to the best decision at this point of time. You need decide on the sub domains and sub directories for all the sites you have created. Now, you can see that your multisite of WordPress is on and ready to run. You can start adding sites from this point.

Plugins for multisite:

Here are the few useful plugins for WordPress multisite,

  • Official Documentation on the
  • WordPress MU Domain Mapping
  • WordPress Blog Replicator
  • Gravity Forms + User Registration Add-On

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