How to convert HTML website to Joomla?

Maintaining a static site is challenge. HTML website, also known as the static websites, have a great disadvantage that they cannot be updated easily. It is high time that the HTML websites are needed to be converted to Joomla site. This makes the site more easy to manage and the site becomes easy to use. Here is how to convert HTML website to Joomla.
Importance of converting a static website to Joomla:
This lets the website to be updated easily, and also adding new functionalities become more easy. You can also add more pages, menu and images to your Joomla site than the HTML site. The arrangements of module positions can also be done easily. There are also other advantages associated in converting a static site to Joomla site. Whenever you update the site, you are not required to pay the designer or developer for the same. The website of Joomla is riven by a database and you can see that all the data is stored in a database. Backup can be made easily by creating a back up of this database. You have ultimate control over the site, content and the images. Updating is easy as the data and code are separate. Installation of new template is also much easier.
How to convert static site to Joomla 1.5?
The process of conversion involves two parts:

  • Adding the actual data
  • Recreating the design of the site.

Again when it comes to adding your actual data, there are two steps:

  • Creating your pages
  • Creating your menus

You need to begin with creating your own menu and a Home item.
The process includes the following steps:

  • Login to your Joomla site and go to the administrative area.
  • To start creating your first menu, click on the button called menu manager
  • To create a new menu, click the New button
  • Go the next page. Here the title and the description of the menu are to be set.
  • When you give titles, you need to give a unique name. This is because you need to assign modules to the same.
  • Now you can start adding items to the menu
  • On the top right of the page, you can see the button called New
  • Click on it
  • You can start assigning names like Home or something that means the purpose
  • Go to the next screen and select the menu item’s type.
  • Expand the category called Articles, and the Front Page Blog Layout can be clicked. This has to be done because, this item is shown in the very first page of the site.
  • You will find a title field, and type the name of the menu you have created, for instance Home.
  • The same text now appears on the menu link in your site. If you want to rename the menu item, you can come back to this screen and rename.
  • On the right top of the page, you can see the button called Save, click it.
  • Now, set this menu item as default. You need to do this because, when the site is opened, this is the first screen that appears. If there is not default set, then the error 404 is what the visitors see.
  • Now, you have created a menu.
  • Add a module to the menu by going to Extensions-> Module Manager-> press the new button.
  • Choose the Menu and click to assign module type
  • Go to the next page, assign a name to the module and mark it as enabled
  • Select a place where the module has to be displayed.
  • Click save
  • Now, the same way you can add as many menus and modules you like
  • Now, the Joomla site is ready to add contents.