Change URL of Magento Product Page

Search engine optimization has become a perquisite for every website. Now even online stores are giving high priority to search engine friendly web pages for higher rankings. It’s quite evident store managers can boost their product sale by drawing more customers to the eCommerce website.

But at times, proper keyword research fails or there may be a change in trend which affects the search queries among potent buyers. So keeping the changing trend in perspective, modifying Magento product page URL is a better option to achieve higher rankings. Make sure to redirect the URL to a new page to prevent Google to consider both the pages as duplicate content.

Steps to Modify & Redirect Old URLs to a New Magento Page

This blog post will assist you in changing the URL of a Magento product page and redirecting it to a new page. The following steps will let you change the URL easily:

  • Log in to the Magento backend after entering the correct credentials
  • From the Admin Panel, go to Catalog > Manage Products
  • From the Manage Products page, select the product you wish to modify
  • Click on Edit Link on the right most column of the selected product
  • You will be redirected to the Product Information page within the General tab
  • Change the Name and URL key under General tab
  • Click Save to save the changes made

The above procedure is the most recommended way to change Magento URL. But if you are unsure or unable to modify it properly, then request a Quote. We provide quality Magento SEO services at affordable price. We do keyword research for Magento products.