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How to associate multiple authors in a single post in WordPress?

Expression is a tool in every hand, but seldom do people realize the importance of letting their thoughts, opinions and suggestions be read or heard. They want everyone around to ask their opinion but, it’s now a thing of the past. Individuals no longer hold on to friends, admirers who seek their advice instead, they prefer posting their views, feels, suggestions, recommendations online for the use of the online community, which has very aptly termed this practice as Blogging. And to add cherry on top, it’s free..!!! WordPress, happens to be the largest open source platform for bloggers and is maintained by a core team but contributions in form of bug reporting, script suggestions are welcome from anyone. Since, it’s inception in 2003, from a few members to millions who simultaneously are using it, it has gained much attention both of the users as well as the coders, who always stay in track to spot a bug or put in a suggestive thought. Such authors and coders are the on who suggested things like multiple authors to give due credit to everyone involved in the blog post development. Creativity never comes with a copyright and the same is applicable when writing content for blogs. People collaborate and come up with things that seldom strike a lonely mind. When more than one mind dwells in the same thinking sphere, ideas that originate are the ones that are accepted by a vast audience as compared to the readership of a singularly authored blog. WordPress, with this idea at it’s core has tried introducing an option that will enable multiple authors or co-authors name to be displayed in the page and posts being done. Adding to this the post will also be shared on the individual page of the co-author that enables the overall readership to increase manifolds given the individual readership of each author combines to read the article.

Mostly every thing extra accomplishes in WordPress revolves around code alteration on core files that can be done by non technical folk by the use of plugins that pull off the job without any technical details being required or issues to be resolved. A simple a way to accomplish the multiple author features is through plugins that alter code in the functions.php which define multiple instead of single field for the name of author thus enabling the multiple author features very conveniently. Previously, this thing was done by mentioning the editorial staff or mentioning the profile links of co-authors in the content but this did not actually hand them the author privileges. The present day plugins  like “Co-Authors” and “Multiple Authors” provide such ad ministerial privileges to all the authors and also displays the post on their individual blogs as a regular posts, not a re blog.  There might be slight differences between the two plugins, based on their individual appearances but on an overall scale they do pretty much the same thing i.e. posting the co-author’s names on posts.

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