Wordpress Tips and Tricks

How to add a social widget in WordPress?

WordPress is an open source project and is free. It is a content-management system(CMS) based on PHP and MySQL. It is the most popular blogging system in use on the Web. It has a web template system using a template processor. Here is how to add a social widget in WordPress.

Steps to download a social widget:

1. You have to just download this plugin. To download the pluggin you need to go to plugins>>Add New. Then write  “social media- widget”  and click on search plugin button. Activate the pluggin through the”Plugins” menu in WordPress.

2. Configure the plugin options via the “Social Media Tabs” menu option in WordPress admin>>settings.

3. Then go to your Appearance>>Widgets. There will be a TentBlogger Social Widget, and you can drag as a Primary Sidebar. Plugin automatically sets the position at the side of the browser.

After doing all these we can change the following settings. Check all these boxes if you wish all the links within the media tabs open in a new browser window:

1. To change the icons used in facebook, Google, RRS and tabs enter the full URL to your new icon image in the text boxes. The current icons will be shown in the right-hand column. To return back to using the default social icons delete the URL’s from the text fiels.

2. Disable Default Skin: Check this box to disable the default skin that comes with the plugin. Add the CSS to your theme’s style sheet to use your own style sheets. It can be used as a template.

3. For GOOGLE+1, the API Key is required by google in order to access your google feed.

   for Facebook Like Box: i.) you require to give your facebook page ID

                                            ii.) Size- Width and height of Facebook box in pixels.

                                            iii.) Connections- Enter the number of connections to be displayed.

   for GOOGLE, You need to give your GOOGLE profile ID and Maximum number of buzz                  results to show.

   for Twitter, Enter your Twitter widget URL and your Twitter widget ID.

   for RSS, You need to enter your RSS Feed URL, Title(heading for the RSS feed tab) and the number of feed results to display in Results.

   for You Tube, You need to enter your YouTube profile username and Video ID.

4. You can also configure Social Media Tabs Widget:

i.) Tabs: Select either a static tabbed box or a slide out tabbed panel.

ii.) Slider: Direction of sliding animation for tabs- horizontal or vertical.

iii.) Width: Width of widget in pixels.

iv.) Height: Height of widget in pixels.

v.) Location(for slide out tabs only): The position of the social media tabs panel in the browser window.

vi.) Offset(for slide out tabs only): Offset allows you to fine tune the positioning by adding the number of pixels that you would like to offset the panel from the edge of the browser window.

The best way to promote both our content and our social networks is by using social media widgets such as Google+1, Facebook, Twitter, etc. where instead of taking up space for social media, we use tabs to save space in the sidebar.