Hide Selected Categories in Magento in 5 Easy Steps

Hidden category creation in Magento servers a number of purposes for store managers. One of the most common reasons is, when your shopping cart has too many categories to display. When all of these categories are made to show in the navigation menu, then it becomes clumsy. Customers can’t browse through the website easily.

So for improving the website’s layout and have clear and better navigation, you need to hide selected categories in Magento.

How to Hide Selected Categories in Magento

This blog post covers how you can hide selected categories in Magento content management system.

  • Log in to your Magento Admin Panel
  • Select Catalog > Manage Categories
  • From Categories menu, Select categories to be hidden
  • Set ‘Include in Navigation Menu’ to No
  • Click ‘Save Category’ to save the changes made

Follow the above steps to hide selected categories in Magento stores. This procedure is the most effective and recommended way for hidden category creation.

If you face any difficulty while creating a hidden category in Magento, then request a quote. Our Magento team will assist you in the process.

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