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Fix Joomla Hacked Website

So you thought, just because your front end was all clean and looked spoof proof, your website was invincible. You are not the only one out there who thought so and don’t get disheartened, alls not lost yet, if it has been hacked. All you have to do is read on.

Hacked? What Next?

Needless to say, once your site has been the prey, the hacker can access your website at will. Now you are realising what a blunder you did. To come out of this mess,

  • First shift Joomla website to offline mode.
  • Change super administrator, and FTP password
  • Change database password and hosting website password as well, because these are the ones that must have been compromised.
  • The hacker is not a fool to be playing around your website, surfing without making it hard for you to access your own website. What a pity.
  • Edit the configuration.php value and update it immediately, with the newly set password for the database.

Now you are free to lift the emergency offline mode that was imposed initially. Cheers.

Let’s mingle a bit

Its human tendency to venture into the unknown and we wouldn’t disagree or disallow to your natural urge to do. Hunt for the hacker. Download the Apache access log files for the no. of days of suspicious activity, to your personal computer. Use a grep program to lookout for the possible access points. Know more about Joomla website fixing.
So now that you have recovered from the initial threat, you need to stay alert for further threats. Unless the vulnerable areas are fixed, the website is still prone to it.

Infyways Quick Tip

Half the headache would have been avoided, if there would have been a good recent backup and would have been easier to fix Joomla hacked website. It is insisted to regularly backup because not only hacks, even during website crashes a large chunk of data gets lost. This justifies the vital importance of tested regular backups.  All modifications made after the last known backup will be lost. So, these backups must be frequently carried out as you never know when your website will be hacked.

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