Disable Start My Store in Magento Shopping Carts

‘Start My Store’ feature in Magento take you through each and every process in Magento CMS. But if you wish you can disable this feature from showing up. Magento content management system allows easy options to disable ‘Start My Store’ in Magento shopping carts. You can enable and disable this wizard without the help of codes.

This blog post will help you how to disable ‘Start My Store’ in Magento run stores.

Quick Steps to Disable ‘Start My Store’ in Magento

Follow the easy steps to disable ‘Start My Store’ in Magento run websites:

  • Log in to the Admin Panel
  • Select System > Configuration
  • Click the ‘Admin’ tab under the Advanced settings
  • Expand the ‘Admin UI’ section by clicking on it
  • Set ‘Enable Startup Wizard’ to No
  • Click ‘Save Config’ to save the changes made

After successfully completing the steps you will no longer see the ‘Start My Store’ wizard in your Magento shopping cart.

Once you disable ‘Start My Store’ in Magento, you can easily enable it whenever you wish by following the above procedure and setting ‘Enable startup Wizard’ to Yes.

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