Delete Joomla Article Generic Item Easily

Joomla has a default generic icon feature. You can hide it by blending it with the background colour. But doing so will make the article look unpleasant. So if you want to completely delete Joomla article generic item, then you can do it by editing the style sheet of the template.

How can I Delete Joomla Article Generic Item?

Follow these steps to delete Joomla article generic item easily:

  • Open the template.css file in an editor. Preferably use Notepad ++
  • Find the following code and delete the left padding for headlines in line 384.

table.contentpaneopen td.contentheading { padding-left: 34px; }

  • Next remove the background image part of CSS near line 376.

background: url(../images/contentheading_ico.png) left top no-repeat;

  • Save the file.