Create Custom Options in Magento

Customers in an online store always look for product variants. So if you are a store manager, you need to improve the shopping experience of your customers by providing variations to the available products in the store. Magento content management system allows site owners to create custom options for their shopping carts. This tutorial will help you to create your own options for your Magento run website.

Easy Steps to Create & Define Your Own Options in Magento Stores

  • Log in to your Magento store backend after entering the correct credentials
  • From the Admin Panel, navigate to Catalog > Manage Products
  • From the list, click to open the product record
  • Select Custom Options  in the Product Information panel on the left
  • Click the Add New Option button in the top most right corner
  • Fill up the following fields inside the Custom Options page:
  1. Title: Enter a title to be labeled for the newly created custom Magento option
  2. Input Type: Select the input type for this option from the drop down list
  3. Is Required: To make the custom option a mandatory field, select Yes, else No
  4. Sort Order:  Enter a number to sort the custom Magento options
  • Click the Add New Row button to add a new row for the product variation
  • Fill up the following fields inside the Custom Options page:
  1. Title: Enter a title to be used as a label for this variation
  2. Price: Enter the base price of the product, if applicable
  3. Price Type: Set the price as either Fixed amount or as Percentage
  4. SKU: Enter the SKU
  5. Sort Order: Enter a number to determine the sequence of this option when listed with others
  • Click the Save button to save the changes made

The above steps will let you create your own options. It is the most recommended way to create custom options. But if you still face difficulties in creating them, then Request a Quote.