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Conversion Tracking in Magento

When you use Google Adwords for conversion tracking in Magento, you can track the Google Adword’s ROI with no efforts. Adwords conversion tracking can be integrated in your Magento e-commerce store. You can also derive the subtotal and the grand total of the values passed in Google Adwords. You can get the results of the perfect conversion tracking of adwords. The configuration process and the set up are simple and easy. The themes need not be modified. You need not be techie or familiar with the web development skills. You can debug, when the mode is on. The order success page shows the actual code. All the Magento releases including the most recent 1.7 version can be used. Read through to know more about conversion tracking in Magento.


All you need to do is follow the series of instructions and the installation is complete.


  • Go to the admin panel
  • Go to the menu: system/configuration
  • Click adwords conversion tracking
  • You can find this under Activo Extension
  • You can find the options to enable or disable Conversion ID and Conversion Label
  • Select the conversion language and background color


The community edition and above, and enterprise edition and above are compatible.

You can also follow the following method:

Open :App\design\frontend\xxxx\xxxx\template\checkout\success.phtml

You can create order number and total by adding the following code at the end of the file.

//get order number & order total

$order =Mage::getModel(‘sales/order’)->loadByIncrementid(Mage::getSignleton(‘checkout/session’)->getLastRealORderId());

$amount = number_format($order->getGrandTotal(),2);



From the third party analytics copy the software comparison snippet, when you are done with the above.

<?php echo $amount; ?>//Order Total

<?php echo $this ->getOrder Id()?>// Order Number

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