Change Joomla Home Page Title

Change Joomla Home Page TitleThere are a number of ways to change Joomla home page title. But the most effective way to change it is through menu options. It is because even if you accidently made any changes in your title elsewhere, all these will be overridden.

How to Change Joomla Home Page Title

Make changes from Menu Options – Click on the Home or front page link. Change Joomla home page title in the “Website Title” input inbox.

  • In the Parameters, the Page Title overrides any other settings unless you have installed a third party Joomla extension to set the page title.
  • The Show Page Title option determines whether the title shows up in the content or not. It on its own does not affect the page title.

With this method you can change Joomla home page title with ease. But in case you are still facing problems then request a quote and hire a Joomla developer. Our team of experts will assist you in the process. Request a quote today.