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How to Assign More than One Template to a Joomla Website?

The default Joomla pack contains more than one Joomla template installed in it and if you have ever thought or willing to have more than one template activated on your Joomla website, then your can definitely do it with Joomla. Joomla provides you the feature to have more than one template activated in your website. You may even install an new template (other than the existing/default) and have the feature . Here is how to Assign More than One Template to a Joomla Website.

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ReCaptcha Installing Errors & Their Easy Detection

ReCaptcha Installing Errors & Their Easy Detection

Common ReCaptcha Installing ErrorsCaptcha is the acronym for “Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart”. Joomla Content management system supports Captcha. ReCaptcha is a popular Captcha system supported by Joomla. It is very easy to setup. But at times you may face reCaptcha installing errors. This post covers all about reCaptcha installing errors encountered.

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Version Joomla Website – Complete Howto Guide

Version Joomla Website in Easy Steps

Version Joomla WebsiteVersioning Joomla website involves version control of code changes, content and configuration. While it is easy to version one’s own custom extension, it is very difficult to version content. This post covers how you can version Joomla websites. Follow the step by step procedure to version Joomla website.

Steps to Version Joomla Website

  • Install Joomla CMS from where it can be accessible.
  • Take the MySQL database and place it in the directory along with the root folder.
  • Write a script to import your database into MySQL.
  • Move the root folder away from where you installed it.
  • Check the Joomla installation in the extracted place.
  • Run the script inorder to import your database.

Incase you fail to do so then recheck the steps mentioned above or Request a quote.