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Redirect Magento Search Terms in Easy Steps

Redirect Magento Search TermsMagento is an advanced content management system for developing and designing eCommerce websites. It has a number of features for easy customizations.

In our last blog post we dealt with how to make a Magento URL redirect for a category page as well as product page. We also covered how to make a custom URL rewrite in Magento.

Here we will be discussing the steps to redirect Magento search terms and the need for such a redirect. So before going into the details of Magento redirect of search terms, let us first know why you should redirect them and what its advantages are.

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All About Magento URL Redirects & Rewrites – Complete Tutorial

Magento URL RedirectWe all know URLs are unique for a web page whether it’s a WordPress blog, or a Magento site or a Joomla website. So a webmaster should be extra cautious before hitting the publish button. Ofcourse you can have your own preferred permalink structure.

But what if you failed to include the right keywords in your URL? Is there a possible way to make a Magento URL redirect? And will such rewriting is effective from SEO point of view?

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Generate Google Sitemap for Magento Websites

Generate Google Sitemap for MagentoTo improve the stores visibility in search engines, it is necessary to generate Google sitemap for Magento websites. It also aids the customers for searching various products inside the Magento stores.

In case you are unaware of the term sitemap, these are syndication of all the content in your website. It includes blog posts, categories, tags and archives all together. Apart from post sitemaps, page sitemaps and image sitemaps can also be generated for submission in Google. This blog post covers how to generate Google sitemap for Magento websites.

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Include Synonyms for Magento Search Terms in 4 Easy Steps

Include Synonyms for Magento Search TermsMagento content management system doesn’t ship well with search engine optimization. So a store manager has to explicitly include SEO techniques to make the product pages noticed across search engines.

There are a number of methods to do so. Here we will be discussing about one such method – how to include synonyms for Magento search terms. But is it worthwhile to add synonyms for search queries in Magento run shopping carts?

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How to Set Meta Data for Products in Magento Shopping Cart Website

Set Meta Data for Products in MagentoLike any other website, Magento run websites too need some basic search engine optimization to improve visibility. Both On-page optimization and Off-page optimization is necessary because by default Magento doesn’t ship well with SEO.

In this post we will be covering some common Magento On-page SEO techniques and how to set Meta data for products in Magento websites. But before that let’s just highlight what all Meta data a website can have and their importance.

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Delete Multiple Customers from Magento Stores in Single Click

Delete Multiple Customers from Magento StoresMagento content management system is a user friendly eCommerce CMS for developing and maintaining online shopping carts. It is the most preferred CMS because of its easy customizations.

The best thing about it is the user management and product management features. In our last post, we covered how to add multiple customers in a single group. Here we will discuss the steps to delete multiple customers from Magento store.

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Create Multiple Customer Groups in Magento using Easy Steps

Create Multiple Customer Group in MagentoManaging a number of customers can be tough for an online store manager. For this purpose, a feature to create multiple customer groups in Magento is available. Using this functionality you can categorize customers and add them in a group.

These newly created customer groups can be customized all together for promotional offers, sales, coupons and other privileges. You don’t have to manage customers individually. So when are you going to create multiple customer groups in Magento?

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Process Order when Items are Out of Stock in Magento Store

Process Order when Items are Out of StockWe all know Magento is one of the best and hence the preferred eCommerce CMS today. Fully functional shopping carts can be designed and maintained using it. But what if a customer places an order when the product item is out of stock? How will the admin process order when items are out of stock in Magento store? Is there a possible way or will the customers have to look for another shopping cart to purchase it?

This blog post will clarify how to process orders when items are out of stock in Magento store.

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