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What is the simplest way to build a website in Magento?

In this present world everything runs on e-commerce and you will need the perfect web development for this e-commerce to work well. There are many website development sites offering lucrative packages and services, but if you want to take your e-commerce business to heights you will need the Magento website development. The Magento development is the most popular and best option for many of the e-commerce firms and web developers.
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How to convert file to database in Magento?

Magento’s session goes the same way at the underlying as other programming framework. Main concept of session is to store Data and used whenever required. It is always kept in one of the four storage infrastructures, consisting of Database, Filesystem, Memcache and tmpfs-backed Filesystem, which can easily be chosen during installation phase and is not cared by developers as well as end-users.

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How can you resize images in Magento?

People standardize the size of their images to maintain the correct proportion and to ensure that they appear at the highest possible resolution. Images of various dimensions and sizes can impact the presentation of your product catalogue. Magento resizes product images according to the dimensions specified by the theme.

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What are the various Magento development tools?

Many developers think of making their lives easier by relying on tools to extend their competency. Magento is a complex system and especially for beginners development for the system can get complex without proper tools. It can be beneficial for a beginning magento developer to dig through the thousands of lines of code that exists inside of the Magento core, but it is definitely not the most productive use of any developer’s time.

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How to move Magento from one server to another?

Magento developer sometimes need to move the Magento eCommerce shop from one directory location to another directory location or from one host server domain to new host server domain. Migrating Magento to a new server is a simple task once you understand how to do it. Below are the two methods of moving Magento from one server to another. So read through to know how to move Magento from one server to another.

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How to integrate WordPress into Magento?

The Magento WordPress Integration plugin for WordPress primarily allows you to initiate an instance of your local Magento installation in your WordPress theme. You will be able to add any Magento blocks to your WordPress theme using the  Magento WordPress Integration plugin including static blocks created through the Magento admin area and the ones you have created yourself. This allows you to communicate with your Magento store to bring in certain elements that are usually unavailable, such as the navigationmini shopping cart, static blocksand logos.

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