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How to fix – JFolder::create: Could not create directory Error in Joomla ?

Joomla is the most flexible CMS that has ever been developed. A complete dynamic website with various functionality can be add to a joomla website by using server extension at at available at Joomla extensions directory. An extension can be a component, module or a plugin which can be installed using the extension manager. The compressed file in the format of zip can be uploaded via the extension manager which is very simple to do. But it sometimes results in showing errors if the configuration has not been done properly.

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How to convert your website to Joomla 3.x?

Creating websites is not as difficult as you think. This is probably what you have read when you were first looking for making website. You tried making website and you have probably succeeded in doing so. You might have learned HTML, complicated CSS, a little bit of graphic design and maybe a bit of coding. In the end, you might have found yourself with a nice looking, useful website.

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How to convert Photoshop file to Joomla template?

Joomla is very soon becoming the most popular content management system. With more and more websites adopting Joomla as their platform of choice, it becomes necessary that one is able to build professional quality websites with the platform. The most important part of the Joomla is the Joomla template. So, what if you start with Photoshop, build an awesome looking PSD file and then convert it to a Joomla template. Here is how to convert Photoshop file to Joomla template.

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Conversion Tracking in Magento

When you use Google Adwords for conversion tracking in Magento, you can track the Google Adword’s ROI with no efforts. Adwords conversion tracking can be integrated in your Magento e-commerce store. You can also derive the subtotal and the grand total of the values passed in Google Adwords.

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Building better tag clouds in WordPress

When the tag definition for the WordPress site or blog is done, all you need to think about next is to set a tag cloud in any places of the template. You need to use the function wp_tag_cloud() or the function wp_generate_tag_cloud(). Following the existing method, you may be contended with yourself, but there are things to explore too.

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How to customize your WordPress Comments using the 5 snippets?

To get your WordPress comments customized all you need are the plugins and to use them you need not be a techie or a programmer. You can easily get your polished comment section on your WordPress sites using a few snippets and here are they. Using these snippets, you can earn the advantage of getting the intended results without the site bloating. This article explains how to get rid of the customization problems. You can also see how to correct the issues here. So here is how to customize your WordPress comments using the 5 snippets.

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