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How to use the existing WordPress articles to increase your Rank?

Ranking high in the Search Engines is pretty much the most important thing that people aim at while planning for websites. If you have a WordPress site, there are plenty of things which you should know to optimize your page for Search Engines. There is one simple trick people miss while optimizing their websites for search engines, which is interlinking the articles that you already have in the site.

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How to transfer data from Joomla to WordPress?

There are times when you realize that your current platform might not be paying off all the things that you want from the website. Joomla is a very good platform, but no one platform is complete in all the respects. It is very well suited to manage contents, however, if you had started your website as a blog site, there would be chances that you would end up feeling the needs of a dedicated blogging platform.

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How to secure Joomla website?

When you want to keep your Joomla site safe, then you need to keep the Joomla installation base up to date. When you do this, like any other software, the bugs are fixed and the other security threats are identified at the earliest and the solution is easily found. The security strike team of Joomla deals with identifying the potential vulnerabilities and fixes all the problems related to the security measures in Joomla.

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How to modify Joomla content?

Joomla site offers more advantages over a static site. It is easy to update the site and this is a database driven site. This means that creating a backup of the site is easy. All the user has to do is to create a back up of the database and this implies that no data in the site are lost. Also, a Joomla site never requires the users to pay when the content is modified.
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How to convert HTML website to Joomla?

Maintaining a static site is challenge. HTML website, also known as the static websites, have a great disadvantage that they cannot be updated easily. It is high time that the HTML websites are needed to be converted to Joomla site. This makes the site more easy to manage and the site becomes easy to use. Here is how to convert HTML website to Joomla.

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How to repair hacked Joomla website?

Hijack is common most of the portals and recently, the Joomla site hijacks capture the attention a lot. If you own a Joomla website and want to know how to act and resolve things, if the site is hijacked, then here you can find the solution. Minimizing the hacking possibilities is mandatory to make your website safe and secure. Here is how to repair hacked Joomla website.

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