Magento Sitemap Creation & Submission

Sitemaps are a chronologically arranged list of web pages. These are easily accessible to users and also help in proper indexing of the website in different search engines. Being a major factor in search engine friendliness, all websites should generate and submit sitemaps.

Magento CMS has inbuilt features to create and submit sitemaps to Google and other search engines. Here we will be dealing with how to create and submit a sitemap for Magento websites.

  • Create a sitemap for your Magento website
  • Submit sitemap in Google, Bing and other search engines

How to Generate a Magento Website

  • Log in to the Admin Panel with proper credentials
  • Go to Catalog > Google Sitemap
  • In the Sitemap section, click ‘Add New’ button
  • In Filename field, enter ‘sitemap.xml.’
  • Click ‘Save & Generate’ button to create the sitemap

The sitemap will appear in the list with a link to sitemap.xml. You can either view the sitemap or update it. Click the hyperlink in the Links to Google column to view the sitemap you just created for your Magento website. To update it, click the ‘Generate’ link.

Submit Sitemap in Magento Websites

You can submit your sitemap to various search engines using the Webmasters Tool. To submit Magento sitemaps in Google, use Google Webmasters Tool. To submit Magento sitemaps in Bing, use Bing Webmasters Tool.

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