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Monthly Archives : December 2012

Insert a Module Inside Article in 3 Easy Steps

Insert a Module Inside ArticleUsually in Joomla content management system, modules are inserted in the template positions. Additional template positions can be created within the template as well. But is it possible to insert a module inside article? Yes you can easily include a module inside the content. Follow the steps to insert modules inside Joomla article.

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HTML to Joomla Template Conversion Services

html-to-joomlaBefore we jump into HTML to Joomla services, you need to know, what the need for a HTML to Joomla conversion is. Is it worthwhile to migrate from HTML to Joomla? Can every website be converted to Joomla run websites using HTML to Joomla conversion?  We have answers to all these questions in this blog post on HTML to Joomla.

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