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140+ Free Responsive WordPress Themes

Are you reluctant to have your own website just because you think it is out of your expenses? Is money the only factor that is holding you back from designing your own website? If it is so, then relax! We are here to help you with 140+ free responsive WordPress themes so that you can create your own beautiful website without even spending a single buck.

Undoubtedly, WordPress is the best platform to create a brilliant website. It is very popular among all genre of website owners and designers due to its seo-friendly features. All the top free responsive WordPress themes listed in our collection have excellent speed and they provide outstanding support. These best free responsive WordPress themes possess numerous functionalities such as extensible layouts, clean and simple designs, useful widgets, diverse color patterns and many more.

These top free responsive WordPress themes are designed to fit all screen sizes like desktops, mobiles, laptops, tablets, etc. appropriately so that visitors can open your website from anywhere with comfort. Besides, all these best free responsive WordPress themes are compatible with all the popular web browsers and customer devices. So, have a look at these top free responsive WordPress templates from our compilation of 140+ free responsive WordPress themes and select the best one according to your website requirements.

1. Appz


Themeshaker was launched half a year ago. Back then, we were so excited about it that we couldn’t wait any longer without introducing it to the world. Even though the site was missing a few basic parts, the application itself was ready for action.

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2. Adament


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3. Zenith


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4. Musica


Musica theme is designed for magazine, news with flexible layout. The theme is based on KOPATHEME layout manager technique that will let you flexibility choose layout options of every pages within your site.

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5. Novavideo


Novavideo is a video WordPress theme designed for video/tube site or video blog/portal. 3 types of display (tube, tube with extract and wall thumbnails), design options (light or dark atmosphere, 16 colors, integrated social share buttons), video length, views number, Youtube/Dailymotion/Vimeo ready, embedded videos ready.

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6. Emptilium


Emptilium is a 3 columns responsive HTML5 WordPress theme that build perfectly for any device such as wide screen view desktop or smaller mobile device such as iphone or ipad. It is coded in standard HTML5 semantic markup for modern browser compatible.

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7. Flounder


Flounder is a flat, minimally styled theme for bloggers which features colorful support for post formats and a clean, responsive layout.

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8. Circle


Circle is a Responsive WordPress Theme designed for multi purposes use. You can use it for Blog, Portfolio, Magazine or coporate web site.

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9. Asteria


Asteria Lite is a clean responsive theme with a beautiful slider, Narrow and Wide Layout Option, 10 Social Icons and 3 page templates – Full width page, Left sidebar page and a Blog page Template.

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10. Neutro


A responsive modern/flat design theme designed to unleash your website content potential. Built based upon HTML5, CSS3 and the rock solid Hybrid Core framework, ensuring you to get the best out of design and backend code.

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11. Centrino


If you want to build a full featured eshop or online marketplace, this theme and wp marketplace plugin could be a perfect choice for you, but still you can use this for for you personal blog site too, as Centrino has also all regular features like gallery, audio, video, chat and other post format support, archive pages, page with side bar, blog page to build your blog site.

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12. Shopping


Shopping is an free Ecommerce theme for WooCommerce. Inherit all Omega parent theme capabilities, reveal big fat footer widget areas and add compatibility to WooCommerce plugin.

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13. FreeSide


FreeSide is our free version of our popular, FullSide theme. FreeSide is a free premium WordPress theme so that you can test drive our theme options and our beautiful themes.

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14. Finale


Finale is very elegant and stylish an eye candy theme that you must get, its simplicity made it stand out the most among the rest even the other themesmart themes, it is a theme that does not need any sort of slider to make it look more elegant and classy.

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15. Simple Dark


Simple wordpress themes goes by its name a simple wordpress theme with enough features and options to get your satisfaction a big boost.

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16. Pastel


So that the header font matches the accent font for I downloaded free Meddon font from FontSpace to my computer and installed the font. I then added the font to the header image using PhotoShop – but any free paint program such as Windows Paint works just as well for this.

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17. TopBest


So that the header font matches the accent font for I downloaded free Meddon font from FontSpace to my computer and installed the font. I then added the font to the header image using PhotoShop – but any free paint program such as Windows Paint works just as well for this.

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18. Anew


Another free theme. This time in classic tumblog style, for your personal blog or something similar. Write about what you love and share with the world. The sidebar is again toggle-able for phones and tablets. Resize your browser window’s width on the live demo to see how it works.

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19. Xerxes


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20. Wembley


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21. Hueman


A free, fully featured, responsive high resolution magazine & blog theme without compromise. Hueman presents what you love to write about in a visual & user-friendly way on all devices.

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22. Yegor


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23. The Newswire


The Newswire theme is design for local news sites and blogs. Taking a lead from popular news sites like the HuffPo it has a huge home page slider showing the latest posts (or sticky posts if you prefer).

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24. WP Jurist


Jurist is a responsive theme designed for law firms, though it would be well suited to any professional services business that wants to profile their expert staff.

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25. Appointment


A theme for all type of business that uses multiple nav menus, several sidebars,Featured Slider and Custom post layouts.

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26. WereTech


WereTech is a 3 Columns Blue and Red Responsive HTML5 WordPress Template for Technology and Social Media with featured article section, unlimted colors and 500+ Google web fonts choice release by

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27. Boot Store

Boot Store

Responsive eCommerce Theme based on Bootstrap. Full website support: Coorporative pages, Blog (post formats), Store with eCommerce support (TheCartPress eCommerce + Marketplace plugins), Authors, Searches, Community (Buddypress support).

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28. Adele


Your brand is eager and ready to go. The Adelle Theme is ready for you! With a soft pink confetti header and minimalist two-columns, you can get started blogging in no time. Adelle is poised to host any female-oriented brand.

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29. Hermoso


A super customizable, colorful, free blogging theme for WordPress.

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30. Vantage


Vantage is a next-generation multipurpose theme featuring strong integration with some amazing plugins.

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31. VisitPress


VisitPress is an easy customizable WordPress blog theme. It is a fully responsive theme that allows for easy viewing on any device.

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32. Fundler


Let’s face it: the world has changed and more and more startups will choose the crowdfunding way instead of the traditional “let’s find one wealthy investor” one. Sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo (among dozens of others of course) are growing exponentially and this trend won’t change anytime soon.

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33. Virtue


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34. Svelte


Svelte is a carefully handcrafted responsive WordPress theme featuring an elegant minimal design perfect for professional blogging, portfolios or even your stunning photography.

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35. Photopia


‘Photopia’ is a photographers dream! Finally a WordPress Theme that allows users to really experience the content at a truly stunning size. For the adventurous, Photopia could even be used for inspiration galleries, personal blogs, or even review portals with big beautiful imagery!

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36. Road Fighter


The Road Fighter WordPress Theme is a simple and beautiful theme with lots of customization options that can tweaked by Theme Options Panel like logos, intro texts, background etc.

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37. Empo


Empo is an easy to use responsive blog theme. It is based on 960 grid and elegantly scales down to downsized browser windows, tablets, mobile phones (in landscape and portrait). To customize the theme you can choose your own background, link color, top panel and footer border line color, logo and header image.

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38. Tonic


Big bold text, rounded images, colorful buttons are some of the features you’ll find in Tonic. Play around with the new Theme Options customizer to get it working for your site.

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39. Bota


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40. Opulus Sombre


The Opulus Sombre Theme is a robust WordPress Theme built on our extensive Nimbus framework. The versatile, modern layout and dark color palette works perfectly for design agencies, photography portfolios, architects, or any business that prizes modern, classy design.

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41. Highwind


Highwind is a lightweight, free WordPress theme designed to showcase content. It features a clean, responsive design with a strong focus on typography, plus a bunch of presentational options and widgetised regions allowing you to give your site a unique touch.

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42. Gridster


Gridster is a neat and tidy grid-based portfolio theme for photographers, artists and designers to show off their work.

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43. Codeinwp


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44. My Engine


My Engine is an elegant, modern and beautiful WordPress theme built with HTML5 and CSS3. The clean, modern design can be used for any type of website: business, corporate, portfolio, products, etc.

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The basic elements of Reddle’s layout were inspired by an older theme called Rubric but there’s really nothing basic about its minimal layout. Everything about the design adapts to how you want to use your blog and what you want to use it for.

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46. Contango


Contango is an elegant, simple and clean design, emphasis on content. This theme is powered with custom menu, custom background, custom header, sidebar widget, featured image, theme options, nice typography and built-in pagination features.

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47. Cleanistic


The Cleanistic template is a high-quality and custom design photography, portfolio or personal blogging theme for WordPress. This theme comes with unlimited color combinations for background, headlines etc.

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48. TravelPress


TravelPress is a WordPress theme that works well with travel websites due to its unique layout that is easy to configure from the back-end while giving the front-end reader plenty of content to digest.

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49. Plixus


A fully responsive portfolio theme for creative people and agencies. It’s great way to display your portfolio through 4 different thumbnail size types and responsive layout. And it’s completely free!

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50. Corpo


Corpo is a responsive business & portfolio theme which can be used for personal or corporate website.

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51. TutsBlog


The TutsBlog WordPress theme has a lot to offer the professional or amateur blogger and can be successfully integrated into an existing website in order to give corporate sponsors additional exposure.

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52. StylePress


The StylePress WordPress theme can generate a large amount of reader interest from its homepage along thanks to the organized layout that allows for massive content publication.

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53. Parabola


Parabola awaits you with a huge assortment of theme settings that enable you to take a fully responsive, clean and elegant design to even newer heights. You can edit everything: all text and background colors, font families and sizes, site widths and layouts. You also have the power to show or hide various elements of the design and choose from over 30 social media icons.

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54. Supernova


Supernova has been specially designed for blogging websites however due to its clean design and plenty of customization options, it can easily be customized for any purpose.

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55. FourKnot


FourKnot is a 4 Columns Responsive HTML5 WordPress Theme. This WP Theme include 600+ Google Webfonts, unlimited custom color choice, advertisement options, featured sliders, featured sidebar category, social links and submit button and many more built-in features.

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56. ClassicBiz


ClassicBiz is a responsive WordPress theme incorporating Web2.0 design principles, extensive usability studies, and advanced web technology to help you develop a website that will be a strategic weapon for your business.

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57. Pink Touch


Pink Touch 2 has a stellar mix of color, texture, and typography. It pays close attention to detail. The individual design effects are simple and subtle but together they make your blog look very attractive.

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58. Xin Magazine


Xin Magazine Theme can change your blog instantly into a colorful magazine. As soon as you activated the theme, the top 5 categories will appear on the home page as sections with predefined color. You can add sections, arrange orders and assign color using Drag&Drop admin panel.

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59. Travelify


Travelify WordPress theme design is inspired by nature. We made it as simple as possible while fully customizable with several Theme Options and page templates.

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60. Leaf


The Leaf theme has a clean, modern and has a fully responsive design. Leaf was designed specifically for Magazine, News sites, and Blogs.

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61. Surfarama


Surfarama is a bold and fun theme which uses the popular mason style layout on the home page and category pages to highlight imagery and make for a very visual presentation. It’s perfect for travel and magazine style blogs heavy on the imagery.

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62. Murmur


On top of its powerful blogging features, Murmur is a portfolio theme for showcasing web design and photography projects.

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63. RoadFighter


RoadFighter theme is perfectly designed with all the necessary features that is the basic demand of most of the business owners. The theme comes with full width slider on the home page that allows the user to upload any size of image.

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64. PrimePress


PrimePress is a free responsive WordPress theme that can be a good starter point for your own website. Its intuitive interface allows more than just publishing content, it enables to edit the appearance of your website.

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65. Business Sense


Business Sense is a very clean and nice wordpress theme for business websites. It is very easy to set up and have in built seo options. Business Sense is available in 7 other colors schemes also. Any color can be assigned to headers and text.

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66. Path


It’s responsive, it supports post formats, it’s translation-ready and so much more. You can set global layout in theme customize: one column, two columns or three columns.

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67. Book Lite


BOOK LITE is yet another FREE WordPress Theme from WPshoppe. To mark the spirit of minimalism, this theme focuses on typography, white spaces and clean look. The whole theme is heavily inspired by old classic novels.

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68. Noble


An elegant and clean blog theme for a sophisticated online presence. This theme is all about simplicity and style while serving up smooth functionality.

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69. Ice Fresh


Fully Responsive, Clean and multipurpose theme using Twitter Bootstrap. This theme is will make your website adaptable with mobile devices. Theme Features: Custom Homepage Settings, 3 Page Templates, Custom Background Support, Search Engine Friendly.

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70. SW You


You – a free WordPress theme supports 5 preset colors and integrates a lot of customized plugins to build a comprehensive WordPress personal blog. Using latest WordPress version with Quickstart, we can build responsive blog very quickly and easily.

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71. Attorney


Attorney is an elegant and responsive theme designed with Attorneys and law firms in mind, though anyone who wants a theme with a corporate look and feel might like it too.

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72. iMag Mag


iMag Mag is the fully responsive WordPress Theme, you can check that in your browser itself. This Responsive WordPress Theme has the full support for even larger screen.

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73. Ari


Ari is a minimalistic, elegant little blog theme with a fixed left and a right sidebar. The free wp theme is suitable for personal blogs (for WordPress 3.5 +, also available on

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74. Zee Corporate


A smart and clean two column theme with great features: Custom Logo, Several predefined Color Schemes, Unlimited Colors via Colorpicker, Content Slider, 125×125 Banner Widget, SocialMedia? Buttons Widget, Dropdown Navigation, Theme Option Panel and more.

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75. Yoko


Yoko is a blog theme that is well suited for larger magazines or blogs. The theme offers plenty of space for widgets in 2 right-aligned sidebars. For WordPress 3.1 +, also available on

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76. zeeCompany


zeeCompany is a slim and elegant designed theme with two columns. The theme supports Custom Logo, Several predefined Color Schemes, Unlimited Colors via Colorpicker, Content Slider, 125×125 Banner Widget, SocialMedia Buttons Widget, Dropdown Navigation, Theme Option Panel and more.

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77. Lux


Lux is perfect for showing off lots of images and projects elegantly, and it scales perfectly to fit any size screen on a computer or mobile device.

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78. ShprinkOne


ShprinkOne is a responsive theme that can fit any screen (Mobile phone, tablet, laptop, desktop). Features a theme picker (more then 10 choices), a slideshow on the home page, posts as pins(masonry), infinite posts scroll, several Widget and Menu positions and multi language support.

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79. Carbon Light


Carbon Light is a fully responsive HTML5/CSS3 WordPress? theme. Suitable for Business, Service, Portfolio websites. It has clean and minimalist design that is very easy to customize. It comes packed with a whole lot of code-snippets.

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80. Art Works


Art Works FREE Responsive WordPress Theme with infinite scroll great theme to showcase your portfolio, with super clean and appealing layout. Art Works theme has elegant style & mobile unique design.

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81. Simple Grid


Simple Grid Theme Responsive is a WordPress Theme with mobile and tablet responsive design. Grid like design Theme is perfect for any creative agency to showcase their portfolio. Inspired by the works of El-Studio creative graphic design studio.

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82. Grid Theme


Grid Theme Responsive is a WordPress Theme with mobile responsive design, featuring infinite scroll. Grid Theme is perfect for any creative to showcase their portfolio.

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83. Simple Photo


SimplePhoto Responsive WordPress Theme is design for professional photographers to show and display their photography.

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84. Photo Theme


Photo Theme Responsive is a WordPress Theme with mobile and tablet responsive design. Free Photo Theme is perfect solution for any professional photographer. Kenny Allan Professional Photographer.

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85. Architekt


Architekt Free WordPress Theme is clean simple and unique. Design to showcase your architectural portfolio This theme was inspired by works of Fantastic Norway.

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86. Snapshot


At its core, Snapshot is a theme built for showing off your photography. You can dive in and start adding your photos right away and it’ll look great.

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87. Markes


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88. Khepri Mag


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89. Meménto


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90. Pegolo Mag


Content slider built in, Theme Options, Social Profiles.

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91. XTended


XTended child theme encompass all the best features of the default WordPress? themes in one place, plus more usability and code improvements! It features elegant mobile-first HTML5 ready structure of Twenty Twelve, custom per-post headers from Twenty Ten, three footer widgets from Twenty Eleven, icon webfont support from Twenty Thirteen and microdata format support. It’s all there, you have everything in one neat package.

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92. Pinbin


Pinbin WordPress? theme is a fully responsive theme that looks great on any devices including iPad, iPhone or any other mobile device. This theme is inspired by Pinterest grid system that puts images first.

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93. Parament


Parament is a beautiful, all-purpose theme featuring a dark color scheme with bright orange highlights and a textured background. Its clean, colorful, and curved lines will help your content stand out from the crowd.

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94. Recliner


Simple theme with colourful reclining tabs.

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95. Blogberry


Minimal theme for blogger.

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96. Plain WP


A responsive, mobile first parent theme For WordPress?

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97. Slider


Slider FREE Responsive WordPress Theme comes with custom background and modern design great theme to showcase your portfolio. With elegant style & mobile friendly design.

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98. Celebrate


Celebrate is a responsive theme built on top of Hybrid Core, featuring a full range of post formats, masonry layout, custom header and background.

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99. FontFolio


FontFolio Free WordPress Theme with a grid based layout. Design to showcase your typography portfolio. This theme was inspired by the works of Svetoslav Simov from FontFabric.

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100. Tesla


Tesla is a Free Premium WordPress Theme with clean and modern design, coupled with advanced features and powerful customization possibilities. It’s beautiful aesthetics and advanced functionality are the main reasons why so many users opt for it.

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101. Corpo


Corpo is a responsive business & portfolio theme which can be used for personal or corporate website.

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102. CreativeMag


CreativeMag is a smart, clean and colorful WordPress Theme made for people who want to add some color to their blog. Along with the elegant design the theme is easily customizable with numerous theme options, including the ability of easily editing the logo, menus, social profiles links and banners.

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103. D5 Corporate


D5 CORPORATE is a theme for Business. Customizable Background and other options will give the WordPress Driven Site an attractive look. D5 CORPORATE is super elegant and Professional Theme which will create the business widely expressed.

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104. Jaguza


DownloadView Demo

105. Photoria


Photoria is a simple & stylish theme ready to be used for your Photoblog or Portfolio website.

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106. Academica


Academica is a non-profit / education CMS theme with a modern layout and elegant design. Modern three-column design, custom templates, easy to customize.

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107. Responsive


Free Responsive WordPress Theme for your business or personal site, the choice is yours. Make Responsive Theme part of your website design, or upgrade your current one to a mobile friendly Theme that automatically adapts to any screen resolution or device.

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108. Hatch


Hatch is a simple photography and portfolio WordPress theme. Optimized for mobile browsing – the responsive layout will automatically detect if the visitor is viewing your site on a desktop screen or a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) and will adjust accordingly.

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109. Current


Just in time for Apple’s own reimagined, flat iOS 7, is a flat WordPress theme for your app or software product. Current strips away all the unnecessary and leaves you with blank canvas with a lot of character.

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110. Duena


Duena is a Bootstrap template designed specifically for personal blogs. Being Bootstrap-powered the template provides lots of opportunities for editing and tuning. Bootstrap is web developer’s ‘mana’ with all those HTML elements, components and other cool stuff.

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111. Visual


Visual is a free theme designed to showcase photography, artwork and images in a neat masonry grid layout.

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112. Sight


Sight is a professional WordPress theme which was made in a modern minimalistic style and best suits for Blogs & Magazines. Layout is made using Golden Grid and it gives you a choice of information publishing – grid view or standard blog view.

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113. Technology


The compact design and the unique layout is what you can feel from Tech News WordPress Theme. Indeed, the color of our Technical Magazine theme is very light and cool. Blue is used for the titles, the buttons, it makes the interesting point for the interface of the site.

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114. SiteOrigin Portal


With Portal, I decided to go back to what made Origami such a popular theme. It’s just a simple blogging theme that aims to get out of the way of your content. With the power of Page Builder though, Portal you can use Portal as a full business theme, a simple single landing page, or anything in between.

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115. Portfolium


Neat and flexible grid-based theme for WordPress CMS, Portfolium can be used on portfolio web-sites or blogs. If you are designer, artist, photographer, or other creative specialist you can take a full advantage of Portfolium’s fresh minimalistic design that is perfect as is or as a foundation for your custom design.

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116. Sueva


Sueva is a responsive clean and corporate Tumblelog WordPress Theme. The theme support all modern browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10 and uses the most modern technologies like Html5 and Css3.

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117. Elegant Photography


This free theme allows photographers to create a beautiful portfolio/blog. The theme design is stylish without overpowering your photos, which deserve to have the visitor’s attention.

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118. Blogum


Simple grid-based WordPress minimalistic-theme, Blogum is designed in a modern style and can be used on blogs. Very clean theme markup allows your visitors to precisely focus on your content. Layout flexibility and additional features give you freedom in blog configuration.

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119. MH Magazine lite


This is the free version of MH Magazine with basic functionality. Upgrade to the premium version and benefit from more features and options, responsive layout, several templates like homepage templates or a html sitemap, custom widgets, useful shortcodes, jQuery news ticker and advanced theme options including colorpickers with unlimited colors to create your own color scheme.

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120. Columnist


Columnist theme is a great fit if you publish magazine or news style content. This theme offers a clean and simple design but still allows for a lot of content to be presented in a magazine style.

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121. Wedding Photography

weding ph

Bridal Show converges all the essentials to be an a stunning wedding wordpress theme. The theme impresses visitors with its elegant and classical design of mainly black and white homepage in a trendy background make all content harmony.

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122. Pinzolo


Pinzolo is a brand new responsive WordPress theme. It has been designed to be minimal and easy to customise.

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123. Estate


Estate is clean, flexible business theme. It’s well suited to business, portfolio and personal websites. One of Estate’s best features is its Page Builder integration. Install Page Builder in a few clicks and you’ll be able to create unique page layouts using a drag and drop interface.

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124. Suburbia


Suburbia is a free premium WordPress theme for magazines. The layout is very clean and flexible and designed in a modest and minimalistic style.

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125. Toothpaste


A fresh theme with strong colors and integration with the SiteOrigin? page builder.

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126. Imbalance


Imbalance is an excellent choice for any online magazine, blog or portfolio websites. This free wordpress theme designed with a contemporary modern vibe in a minimalistic style. By the use of Imbalance theme, you can easily fresh-up your project whether it is a blog or i-magazine.

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127. Imbalance 2


Imbalance 2 turns you WordPress-based website to an attractive blog, portfolio or even online magazine. This free template designed in strict modern style with a minimalistic touch. Imbalance 2 can easily fresh up your web-magazine or blog.

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128. Garvan


Garvan is a free premium WordPress theme. This is a WordPress 3+ ready theme with features like custom menu, featured images, widgetized sidebar, and customizable homepage widgets section , jQuery image slider on the custom homepage template.

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129. Frontier


Frontier is a powerful News magazine wordpress theme. This is a premium quality theme with features like, custom menu, custom widgets, featured thumbnails, Featured slider, configurable homepage and 5 different color schemes.

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130. Pinboard


Fascinated about online pinboards? Do you like to display a multitude of media formats on your website? Do you like your content showcased in a beautiful grid? We have built a theme that lets you do just that. And we called it simply and suggestively: Pinboard.

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131. Oxygen


A professional magazine theme with responsive layout for enhanced mobile browsing experience. Oxygen is a parent theme – a great base for creating child themes, built on the industry-recognized Hybrid Core framework.

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132. Elegant Spike


Another Top Notch Luckily free WP theme with abundant of features in it that Includes slider option, fluid width along with traditional and magazine style and look. It comes up with perfect color combination of red, grey, green and black.

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133. Finance


Risus Unit WordPress Theme is another portfolio template, but for business. It is a ready to use set for many kinds of business. It is more about professional and premium service,so we keep it simplified with blue, white and black, which bring viewer not so much emotion as art portfolio.

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134. Expositio


Expositio is a very simple & free portfolio WordPress theme for photographers, designers & artists. Expositio theme allows you in several clicks to showcase your works to the whole world. Adjustable main page lets you to provide any information.

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135. Workality


A fully responsive portfolio theme for creative people and agencies. It’s great way to display your portfolio through 4 different thumbnail size types and responsive layout. And it’s completely free!

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136. wColor


Based on the hugely popular Responsive Theme, this colorful theme comes with 14 optional styles. Theme features multiple page templates, widget areas and template layouts that adapt your website to mobile devices and the desktop or any other viewing environment.

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137. Origin


Origin is a simple and elegant theme with responsive layout for better viewing on mobile devices – smartphones and tablets. It’s built on the Hybrid Core framework and inherits its professional and well-organized coding practices, making it an excellent starting point for further customization and development.

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138. BoldR


BoldR is a bold, responsive, magazine style premium WordPress Theme. Based on the powerful Icefit framework, one of the most advanced WordPress theming framework in the world, it is perfect for tech or design oriented blogs and creative business websites!

DownloadView Demo

139. FashionPress


DownloadView Demo

140. Channel


DownloadView Demo

141. Meeta


Meeta is a simple blogging theme, but packed with many premium features, like: unique widgets, custom templates. The theme is absolutely free!

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142. The Hellbiscuit


That’s right. It’s been a long time coming, but the theme is ready and free for you all to use. Want to see it? Well, you’re looking at it! (pretty much).

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143. Nexia


Nexia is a theme that can do it all and still look good. This gorgeous General/Blog theme supports and comes with widgets, drop-down menus and an automatic slideshow.

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Responsiveness is one of the most searched features for website owners these days. And what more can you ask for if you are getting a responsive WordPress theme absolutely for free. By having these top free responsive WordPress templates in your website, you can attract more and more visitors to your website thereby increasing your web traffic. Moreover, these best free responsive WordPress templates will help you make a strong online presence for your website in the web world.

If you are using these best free responsive WordPress themes for your business website, you can mark a tremendous increase in your sales which in turn will give an unbelievable boost to your business. So choose and install your favourite WordPress theme from our mesmerizing list of 140+ free responsive WordPress themes and make your website the most unique one to look for. You are most welcome to share your valuable suggestions and any other fascinating free responsive WordPress themes in the comment section to increase the worth of this post.

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