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WordPress Upgrade to Latest Versions & its Need

WordPress is the most frequently updated CMS, which is why it is considered as the best content management system. The WordPress developer’s team rolls out a WordPress upgrade every 1-2 months. So users need to upgrade WordPress versions of their blogs and websites. Do you have a WordPress run blog or website? What WordPress version are you using? And when was it last updated?

The myth about WordPress Upgrade

Many WordPress users have the misconception that each time a WordPress upgrade is announced, they don’t have to update their WordPress websites. They feel minor changes in the beta WordPress upgrade by no means affect their blogs and sites. If you too share the same opinion and hardly upgrade WordPress, then here are a few reasons why you should keep your WordPress blog updated.

Why is Frequent WordPress Update Necessary?

  • Newer Features: Yes, with each latest version, you enjoy better and improved features. But with Beta WordPress upgrades, these changes are minute. You can benefit from small changes made and keep your websites unique and different from others.
  • Security Fixes: With every WordPress upgrade, various threats and malware are removed. WordPress being an open-source content management system is prone to hacks and threats. So it’s better to upgrade WordPress sites for security point of view.
  • Bug Fixing: The WordPress team also occasionally rolls out upgrades after fixing any possible bugs in previous versions.  Read all the bugs that have been repaired or removed from the release notes.

So these are some of the reasons why website owners should prefer for regular and latest WordPress upgrades. You can easily update your WordPress blogs and websites with a single click. But it is always recommended to opt for manual WordPress upgrade so that in case of any errors and incompatibility, the entire process can be rolled back effectively.

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