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WordPress Plugins – Do you know the apt time to use them?

Plugins in the WordPress happen to be the strong suit and faults as well. You can rule out them being the weaknesses if you know when to use them and when you shouldn’t use them. You should install plugins from the perfect sources and you should do it only at the apt time. Consider the plugins as the solution to the problems and not a feature of vanity. Google Analytics is where most people use Plugin often, so it is more apt to discuss on the same.

Is a plugin necessary?

Before you go ahead and install the plugin for Google Analytics, check if you really need the plugins. In fact, there is an alternative. You never need a plugin for Google Analytics. Copy and paste the Google Analytics code to your php file. If you feel that you may face any of the following issues, then you can go and install the plugins.

  • Unaware of editing the .Php file. It involves lots of work and you should do it perfectly.
  • Whenever you change the theme, you need to reinstall the plugin too.
  • When you want to play around the settings that are different from the standard settings and if you are in the process of tracking custom variables, then you should be altering the Analytics codes and the original ones do not come handy.

If you seem that any of these issues is likely to happen, then it is always advisable to go for the Google Analytics Plugin.

There is also another thing to check before you choose to install the Google Analytics plugin. Most of the themes do offer built in options for installing the Analytics codes. Header and foot scripts can be installed in such themes. Check the settings. This is available in all premium framework themes. Just copy and paste the Analytics code in the header or footer scripts section. By doing this you need not worry about the PHP code altering and modifying. The analytics codes are perfectly installed this way.

Apt Google Plugins for you:

Since, there are loads of plugins for the Google Analytics code, it is always confusing about choosing the right one. Joost De Valk is a good choice. The users of WordPress feel this is reliable and you can customize variables with a single click. Since Google Analytics API is integrated in this plugin, creating new sites is not easier. For people into online business, ecommerce tracking option of this plugin is a boon.


In spite of the fact that you use any of the plugins, ask yourself if installing the plugin will improve the functionality. Think if the builtin option of the theme suffices it and if the plugin you have chosen need any help.

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