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Which is better in terms of SEO – Magento or WordPress?

Every website owner spends money and time in bringing the website to the top of search engines. The present generation is a little bit confused about which one to select with several online platforms like WordPress and magento. Google is the world favorite search engine and the rankings on the same plays a good role to double the business and in attracting customers. SEO value of the articles plays a good role in creating the impact. Generally, people look for the points related to Magento vs. WordPress to select the best one. If you are thinking about opening up a new e-commerce site or if you are advising someone who is thinking about it, then there are a few basic things to keep in mind. So read through to get an idea on which is better in terms of SEO – Magento or WordPress.

Exact idea about your need

Search criteria of the search engines differ with the type of your website. Search engines take different approach for ecommerce page, blog page, general page, article page, forum page etc. You should have clear idea about your need before selecting the best form of open source to publish your content else your page will rest in the bottom of search engine making your efforts go in vain. You can certainly add SEO value of the articles once you have succeeded in selecting the right source as per your needs.

Magento and Ecommerce

Most of the present people prefer Magento for ecommerce based articles and web pages. This shows that search engine gives importance to Magento platform for ecommerce based applications and articles. So, it is certainly a good idea to go for Magento instead of WordPress, if website or article is for ecommerce. WordPress ecommerce users are turning to Magento to get positive and quick results for their ecommerce needs online.

WordPress and blog articles

If you want to submit just a blog article about your product or service or make an extension for your website, then WordPress is the best platform to use. While searching for general information on products and services search engines give importance to WordPress blogs. Generally, WordPress pages take short time to get it in to top of the search results with their SEO value for articles. Hence, go for WordPress platforms if you are looking for the best platform to publish an article or blog.


It is easy to maintain and the make the changes in the contents of both Magento and WordPress since both are open source platforms. Ecommerce people can make use of both WordPress and Magento. Magento can be used for online business purpose and WordPress can be used to publish articles and blogs.

There’s never a perfect solution for any problem, but knowing the background of the two platforms may help to take the decision. WordPress has grown into being one of the world’s most popular website content management systems. Magento’s structure is geared up around managing and presenting the sale of products in the most effective way. Although there are eCommerce plugins for WordPress that offer eCommerce functionality none of them can compete with the wide range of Magento eCommerce features.

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