What are the various Magento templates for making a website spectacular?

Why are all merchants going for online shopping? Has eCommerce become so easy that everyone wants to have online trading? There is one and the only answer to all the above questions-Magento which is an open-source web solution has made all this process convenient, easy and organized and this is also the reason why so many merchants have opted for it.

Within a short period of time, Magento has evolved into one of the well-known leaders of the industry and is also an example of the successful start-up project. In this article, we will find out what are the various Magento templates for making a website spectacular.

For developing an eCommerce website, Magento is one solution and it is the answer to all the requirements and needs of online trading. This is the reason for its high paced growth and also being the favourite of all the IT companies. The internet is filled with different Magento themes that can be chosen as per the need and requirement of the client as it is very easy to operate and make changes.

There are various magneto templates used for different purposes. Below are a few of them used in various fields.

Responsive Antique Store

Magento templates that present your royal antique items in the most advantageous and elegant way as no excessive elements distract customer’s attention. Banners are created in retro style and slider demonstrates vintage interiors. Separate blocks are there for new products which emphasize their exclusivity. It uses Magento engine 1.7.0.x and Magento compatibility 1.7.x.

Stationery Store

This is a magneto theme that is developed in classical style, for which it looks so trustworthy. Three slider galleries show a wide collection of stationeries. Navigation links can be found in the sidebar, header and footer. It uses Magento engine 1.7.0.x and Magento compatibility 1.7.x.

Responsive Computer Store

It is a Magento template with a neutral grey layout. Slider images have descriptions and banners surrounding slider have a zooming effect. New products are offered with text and large call-to-action buttons. It uses Magento engine 1.7.0.x and Magento compatibility 1.7.x.

Responsive clothes store

In this template, stylish banners are placed both above the footer and under the slider which makes navigation and promotion more efficient and visual. Call-to-action buttons appear in the content area. There are newsletter subscription form as well as contact info, additional menu in the footer area. It also uses Magento engine 1.7.0.x and Magento compatibility 1.7.x.

Responsive gifts store

This is a template which uses large legible fonts and light grey colour in order to manipulate visitor’s attention. Wooden texture is applied at banners. New products are set off by white frames and content blocks are placed in the sidebar. The layout is easy as it has enough space for the customers to breeze.

Responsive real estate store

Large, high-resolution, quality photos are important for online stores which sell the expensive property. This template has magnificent slideshow for an impressive presentation. There are four columns for new products which are accompanied by detailed descriptions. Contact, payment methods and social sharing information are in corner of the page.

Responsive travel store

Extraordinary and attractive photos of this store stir the desire to visit all places which are featured on this site. Every slider and banners offer different tour ideas which influence people. New products are presented in columns along with details buttons and prices.

Wedding Dresses

Wedding-A ritual, taking place once in a lifetime requires the most planned and thorough preparation. The design in this template is very stylish and accurate due to the fancy background and eye-catching banners. With a store like this, the customers won’t go anywhere without searching and fulfilling their requirements through the store.

There are many more Magento templates which can be used in different fields to satisfy the requirements of various people. This Magento templates with its features of freedom to export and import, affordable, customization, easy to expand and update are the reasons for its heavy fan following.