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What are the various essential Magento ecommerce toolkits?

Magento is a PHP based eCommerce platform and is the most preferred open source for online store merchants and expert developers. It suits best the needs of the store owners and is becoming the program of choice for savvy developers who want flexible solution for their projects. Below are all the essentials and the entire Magento toolkit which includes all useful piece of information starting from Magento basics to guide books, video tutorials, examples, help and support etc that will enable e-commerce website to perform remarkably well. So read through to know what are the various essential Magento ecommerce toolkits.

Getting started:

 There are two options for working with Magento, first is the free Community Edition and the second option is a fully featured version which is a paid one, it’s called the Enterprise Edition and comes complete with end-to-end product support. You can select the one that suits you best by comparing the features of both the editions through the chart in the Magento website. Whichever option you choose, first download the Community version for free and take a peek at these Magento resources once you have done that.

Magento user’s guide:

  • Magento Wiki:

The Magento community shares the essential contents in Magento Wiki and one can directly seek help by asking questions about their needs without becoming member of the community and the experts answer them. When you are on the Magento website, look at the design guide, knowledge base and screen cast.

  • Quick Tour:

Spoox Quick Tour has two useful guides which can be download directly from its website. First gives you set up and run information while the other has useful Magento info.

  • Blasted Thing:

Blasted Thing is a Magento blog consisting of regular articles which share e-commerce knowledge to help users in the best way.

  • Magento Beginner’s Guide:

Packt Publishing which is an entire synopsis covering installation process and server hosting details is a guide to help learners to develop Magento website.

  • Single Click Installation Guide using Magento Connect:

Two versatile blog posts has been provided by Nublu in Nublu blog in which the first one details single click installation procedure and the other one on Magento downloader.

  • Setting Multiple Stores:

This is all about how to set up various Magento web stores with central hosting. It provides step-by-step instructions describing installation of Magento with different code bases and back ends by central hosting.

  • MagJournal:

This is a  Magento blog for all those things related to Magento like theme selection, hosting, design layout, SEO, Magento tips and tricks.

Magento Theme & Design:

 Designer’s Guide to Magento:

Spoox provides with facets of designing in Magento, terms, listed features, and an intro to design layout and structure components.

 Designing for Magento:

 It explains Magento designing with the help of making a new theme, setting it with admin end and customizing style sheets and is provided by Magento.

 Changing Magento Theme:

 It provides details on theme, plug-ins, widgets, install guide and SEO ideas from Site ground. The procedure of changing theme in Magento is explained with full instructions.

 Free & premium Magento themes:

 There are lots of free Magento themes available with e-commerce templates. One can also look into premium Magento themes which are paid bundled with customized e-commerce templates.

 Hosting & resources:

 There are 8 host partners who have collaborated with Magento and many more other hosting solutions provider.

 Magento & SEO:

 Magento helps to build SEO friendly website to improve its visibility in the search engine as SEO is a crucial part in web design that helps to perform well among other online competitors.

 Video Tutorials:

 You can get a number of video tutorials that you want in practical form with Magento’s official YouTube channel which would help you a lot.

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