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View All Module Positions in Joomla Template

View All Module Positions Joomla TemplateIn Joomla content management system, modules are those extensions which link with Joomla components for displaying new content. They add flexibility to the Joomla website. But to integrate a module inside a website, a suitable module position is required where it can be placed.

Joomla templates have specific positions for installing modules. Although additional module positions can always be created yet it’s better for a Joomla site administrator to know the possible module positions in the template. This blog post will let you know how to view all module position.

Steps to View All Module Positions in a Joomla Template

Follow the step by step tutorial to detect all the possible module positions in a specific Joomla template:

  • Log into the Joomla backend after entering proper credentials
  • In the Admin Panel go to Extensions > Template Manager
  • Click on Options and set Preview Module Position is enabled
  • Navigate to the page in your web browser
  • Look for any parameters at the end of the URL, i.e. after the question mark
  • Carryout any of the following depending on the presence or absence of parameters
  1. If there are no parameters, append “?tp=1” at the end of  the URL and hit enter
  2. If parameters exist, append “&tp=1” at the end of the URL and hit enter

On carrying out the above steps, all the module positions in the Joomla template will be outlined in red color. But do keep in mind that some Joomla templates do not highlight every module position available in it. It is because of conditional module positions. If there are no modules enabled in those positions then the module position may not be highlighted in red color.

This tutorial is easy informative enough to let you view the various module positions in your Joomla theme. But if you want to add some more module positions in the template/ theme then, Request a Quote. Our team of Joomla developers will let you install as many modules at any desired location in your template.

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