Various ways to modify Joomla Content

Joomla is an exceptionally great Content management system. It is flexible, easy to handle and is being developed by a very active community. What makes Joomla even more valuable is its ease in handling the content. Actually, it is sort of redundant to say that Joomla is great at content handling, since its name is content management system. Joomla has some of the best editing tools at offering. In this tutorial we will discuss how you can load articles and also edit them in order to edit the overall content of the website. Read through to know the various ways to modify Joomla content.
Before we go ahead with the actual tutorial, in order to understand the whole thing, we should understand how content is stored and displayed on Joomla. Here are some of the points which will let you understand Joomla better.

  • Everything in Joomla is article. By everything, here we mean each content in Joomla is an article. So, whenever you are thinking of editing something in Joomla, you are actually thinking of editing an article.
  • So, when you create a page or a web of pages i.e. a website, you are actually supposed to create a coherent collection of articles. So, if you are thinking of editing the structure of the website, then also you would end up changing the order and contents of the articles.
  • Then there’s the whole idea of giving proper access. You can create a site where only people who login or are managers/members of the site can view these. You can also set the privacy settings of the page to be public so that everyone on the web can see it.
  • Like any server, there are actually two ends of the articles. You have the front end, and you have the back-end. The simplest way to edit stuff on Joomla is to operate on the front end. Its hassle free and is far more intuitive than the backend. However you get more options in the backend. This tutorial will concentrate only on the front end editing. You would see that you would be able to do a lot of stuff with the front end editing too. If you aspire to do more stuff with the editing, then it is suggested that you should learn some backend editing too. This may require some advanced knowledge of Joomla, however, you can acquire those by working more and more with the platform.

Editing the articles:
Here are the steps for editing an article:
Step 1: Click the ‘Edit’ icon
Clicking that pencil icon will open an editor, with fairly good editing abilities.
Step 2: Using the editing options
The editing options found in the editing box are fairly same as those found in MS Word or any other standard editing programs. For example, you can change font styles, sizes by selecting the particular words and using the drop down menu, or you can make them italicized or bold by using ctrl+i or ctrl+b. There are times when you need to insert pictures in between, and links. You can add bullets and numbered lists by click the suitable icon. All these can be done using the tools which are given in the content editor. Those who want some advanced experience can use HTML codes to make the content work even better.
Step 3: Editing the fields
Apart from the main text, there are also some fields can be edited. These include the title of the article, permissions as to who can see the articles, and also option to place the article in the featured section of the website.
Once you are done with the editing, you can simply click ‘Save’, and your article would be saved and published, or simply saved for later publishing.