Various must-have Magento extensions

Magento has come up to be a leader in the world for setting up and running online stores of different kinds as Magento provides its users with every feature possible but there are times when everything cannot be worked out, and for this there are Magento extensions available in high number. There is an extension of everything you might need in your business and these extensions are available widely and free of cost. As there are so many extensions, all of them are not great; however few of the extensions prove to be helpful to all kinds of businesses and are unbeatable. Mentioned below are a few of the most useful Magento extensions which must be used to make Magento an even better eCommerce platform for setting up store. So read through to know about the various must-have Magento extensions.

Mega Menu for responsive Magento themes

One can display all the categories from the Catalogue onto the menu and add any content one wish such as images, links, and videos with wide mega menu. This is much better than the old menu’s displaying all submenu contents in a single column.

Magentix-The Magento Recycle Bin

Deleting products by mistake is one of the most time consuming and annoying mistakes which people make while handling their eCommerce stores. This extension is a life saver when you do not have the time to reload the product you deleted by mistake as it puts the deleted product in the recycle bin and you need to restore it only. This free extension keeps all the deleted files in the admin interface and it depends on you whether you want to delete it permanently or restore it.

Off-Canvas navigation for responsive Magento theme

The off-canvas navigation is extremely useful when it comes to mobile display and responsive design. Depending on devices’ width, it allows having up to 2 or 3 panels and keeps the content ready to be displayed differently.

Magento Quick View extension

Your shoppers can have a quick look at an item and make decisions right away without reloading the page with the implementation of Magento Quick View extensions. Magento Quick View extension comes with a cool pop-up window displaying all the product information whenever an item is clicked on.

Magento Quick Buy extension

 Shoppers can add their products to shopping cart and continue shopping without worrying reloading the page and getting lost with just one click with Magento Quick Buy extension.

JM Basetheme – Magento theme colour customizer

You can customize your Magento theme with any colour you want, from logo to menu links, from header to footer background with the introduction of JM Base theme .JM Base theme is easy to work with and user friendly.

Magento Masshead

This extension allows you to have simple category titles or a nice image banner for pages you want.

Magento Live Chat

With new age eCommerce sites, every eCommerce site owner is doing everything to cater to their customers problems, suggestions, complaints and feedback in the best way possible, live chat is the best option to do this. Live chat enables the user to directly talk to the representative and explain to them their problems. It is very simple, free of cost and interactive and aims at increasing customer satisfaction by improving the website. This extension is easy to install and doesn’t require any registration forms before installation.

Upgraded version of Category list

In the previous version of Category list, only 1 category could be chosen and it would only display products of that category. However the Category list in the upgraded version will display all the categories you choose and present them nicely as a slider with category names, description and titles.