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Various benefits associated with OpenERP Magento

OpenERP is featured ERP software which is implemented by many organizations as OpenERP is one of the most powerful Open source ERP Business software for Enterprise Management. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is an enterprise system driven that supports the basic internal business processes of a company and is driven by an integrated suite of software modules Some of the major advantages of using & implementing OpenERP are that it allows one to have integration, customization and new module development. Apart from that it is simply a web base tool where people from anywhere can update details and also allows with successful implementation. Let us know the various benefits associated with OpenERP Magento.

Magento is an eCommerce platform which is built on an open-source technology that provides online traders with unparalleled flexibility and control over the content, look and functionality of their store. A new bridge between OpenERP and Magento is one of the most popular approaches in ERP e-commerce deployment which is initiated by Open labs team with the active support of community. This allows integration of Magento with Open ERP. The connector between OpenERP and the Magento allows management of e-shops from OpenERP, in a smooth and centralized way.

OpenERP Magento connection will benefit the eCommerce owners as well as integrators and developers.

Advantages for eCommerce business owners:

  •  One tool multiple functionality

OpenERP Magento store offers a complete ERP system from where one can manage all products, categories, orders, customers and other  information. It involves

  • a full monitoring of  each and every activity
  • a view of the import/export queues at any time
  •   Multiple Magento store management

OpenERP integration with Magento offers handling of multiple stores from one single software. So managing common inventory becomes easy for all these stores rather than managing from different back-end login.

  • Efficient and effective decision making

As OpenERP is a web based tool, with the help of internet connectivity one can manage all Magento stores from anywhere. One gets real time reporting and results whenever required that allows effective and efficient decision making.

  • Quick Implementation and cost effective

OpenERP Magento can be implemented and integrated quickly and OpenERP offers cost effective ERP solutions.

  • Reliability and responsiveness

Reliability-synchronizations will no longer be stopped because of an error on a product.

Responsiveness-With OpenERP Magento  imports/exports will no longer be completed by croons each night as one can put add-on connectors to manage the shipping services.

  • Functional coverage

Some functionalities can be implemented that were not possible before.

Benefits for integrators and developers:


  • The personalization of the connector becomes easier to manage and each element  of the connector becomes replaceable
  • It is possible to extend the behaviors in a connector in a modular manner.
  • Every part can be easily tested since isolated.


  • Bug tracking’s are simpler and faster due to  decoupling and the documentation
  • A problem can be easily replicated and then debugged due to small task-based exports and imports.

Learning curve 

  • Since the learning curve is sharp the connectors can be simplified and adding project developers can be faster.
  • Since the basic add-ons will be cleaned up, the installation and the implementation of a connector will be easier to manage.

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