Use memcache – Advantages of Using memcache in Joomla

Why use memcache?
There are a number of reasons for using memcache. Below are some of the main points why you too should use memcache.

Advantages to Use memcache

  • Offload your database server

The main reason for slow database servers is because the queries are requested again and again. Another reason for this problem is the internal MySQL cache may not be functioning as expected. You may also be facing any of the following problems:

  1. Write performance issues
  2. Sever is getting clogged

Use memcache to off load your database server and work in a consistent manner.

  • Share data between users without relying on database

Use memcache to share data between your web application users. You don’t have to rely on files or SQL server queries. Using memcached you can set value from user’s perspective and load it from another user.

One good example is chat logs between users. This information need not be stored in a database. It is because these unnecessary and irrelevant data can be afforded to be lost in case of server failure or when the server restarts. To get rid of these less sensitive data, use memcache.