Transfer Local Magento Install to Live Server in Easy Steps

Magento content management system is easy to use open-source CMS for developing online stores. You can test and run Magento eCommerce CMS locally before transferring to the live server. The best way to transfer local Magento install to live server is to install a fresh copy of Magento. Then you need to change the old URLs and point it to the new servers.

How to Transfer Local Magento Install to Live Server?

This post on how to transfer local Magento install to live server is highlighted in details below. Follow the step by step tutorial to transfer local Magento store to a live server.

The first step for transferring local Magento installation to live server is to move the files and database. You can do this by the help of two steps:

  • Copy all your local files to the production server
  • Dump your Magento local database
  • Import them into the production server database

Editing the production server is the next step to transfer local Magento install to live server. Follow the steps to edit it:

  • Edit the app/etc/local.xml file and change the database info
  • Search for the core_config_data table in the production database
  • Update the URLs of your local installation to point to the live server

Steps you need to follow for updating the values of every record containing the URL of your local installation:

  • Use the query to select the records – SELECT * FROM `core_config_data` WHERE `value` LIKE ‘https://%’;
  • Delete the contents of the var folder
  • Delete the contents of app/etc/use_cache.ser as well

If you face any problem during Magento installation and Magento site transfer, then request a quote today. Our Magento developers’ team will assist you in transferring a local Magento install to a live server.