Must-have Joomla Extensions for Any Website

Joomla extensions give more power and add functionality to Joomla websites. Joomla CMS has a huge gallery of extensions in Joomla Extensions Directory (JED). But choosing the best Joomla extension which every website/ blog needs to have is difficult and confusing. So to make things simpler, we have listed few Joomla extensions for any website.

List of Must Have Joomla Extensions For Any Website

Testimonial Fader

Testimonial Fader is an interactive Joomla component to showcase customer feedbacks and testimonials. This creative Joomla extension for any website has 47 inbuilt fonts. You can add unlimited testimonials in your Joomla website. Its soothing colors and transition effects makes it one of the most popular Joomla extensions for any website. For complete features list, follow the link.

Back Stretch

Back Stretch is another important Joomla extensions that can be used in photography websites as well as blogs. By choosing the right images, it can be used in any website to make it more dynamic. This simple jQuery extension comes with both as a module as well as plugin at the same price. So take advantage of its rich features and use it on any Joomla version.

Pop Any Module

Another popular Joomla extensions for any website is Pop Any Module. As the name suggests, this module can pop any module by specifying the module to be popped. It is a must have for any Joomla run website. It’s unique options makes the module worth the price. Get to know how you can pop any module using this module by following the above link.

Social Icon Display

Social Icon Display is a simple bookmarking module which can be integrated on all Joomla websites. Its awesome fading effects and its ability to be placed in any module position makes it a unique module. Get to know what makes Social Icon Display different from other social share Joomla modules.

Social Icon Display

Responsive Image Gallery

Responsive Image Gallery is another easy to use image gallery. Its responsive design makes it a popular Joomla extensions for any website. It works perfect with all devices – laptops, desktops, mobile phones and tablets. Try out the demo to check the entire features list.

These are some of the Joomla extensions which you can use on any Joomla run website. If you know of a better Joomla extension which we missed out, then do suggest in the comment section.