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Top 15 Joomla Popup Extensions

1. Easy Popup


Easy Popup is a system plugin which can be used any where in the website . By using this extension you can popup any content whether text , images, iframes or videos any number of times in you article within a lightbox when images or text links are clicked It can open up in an animated way such as fading effect and elastic.

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2. Lightbox Content Popup


Lightbox Content Popup is an excellent, easy to use mutipurpose usage module which has two different modes – Manual Mode and Fetch from Joomla Categories.
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3. Popup Any Module


Pop any module is a fantastic jQuery based joomla extension that can popup any module in a fancy lightbox when an image or a text is clicked. You can popup Newsletter Modules, Login Modules , Contact Us module or any modules that you wish.
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4. Pop Any Article


Pop any article is a nice jQuery based plugin that can be used inside a Joomla article, custom HTML module or any other extension to popup another joomla articles on clicking on a link or an image in a fancy lightbox.

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5. Auto onPageLoad Popup


Auto onPageLoad Popup is a wonderful jQuery based module which automatically popup contents on pageload. It can be used to promote or showcase anything on your frontpage . You can add videos, images, texts , iframe into the popup. The module is very easy to configure and comes with documentation.

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6. Website Disclaimer Popup


Website Disclaimer is a responsive and easy to use creative extension for websites be used to display a custom welcome message. If the user agrees to the disclaimer can only get into the website else upon disagree, will be redirected to another page. It uses cookie, jQuery and advanced coding.

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7. Ja Popup Anywhere Pro Plugin


This plugin will show popup anywhere on your webpage. It help you easier to do an advertisement or a notification when customers/clients visits your website.

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8. Modals


Modals will help you create modal popup windows. Modals can create links and also convert any existing link in your website to a modal popup window link.

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9. Pertfect Popup Box


Display Article, another module, Iframe or custom HTML code in box which slides in from page edge or popups in Lightbox window after clicking tab or just a simple tab with link to another page or file.

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10. Sticky Notification


Sticky Notification is a popop module that can be used for notifications,promo, event or anything related on left,right, top or bottom of the page . It is easy to configure. The time can be set for popup to close automatically.

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11. Lightbox Anywhere


Lightbox Anywhere is a content plugin taking images from articles, k2 Content, Virtuemart content and displaying them in lightbox.

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12. Lightbox module


The Lightbox module enhances your website to display important information to your users on their first visit on a Modal or Lightbox window centered on the screen.

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13. Pro Sticky Message


This extension allows you to easily display great looking messages for members and/or visitors of your website in a floating window.

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14. Multi Purpose Popup


Multipurpose Fly Popup able to set your any static HTML code and its display as a popup on your website selected any pages , its use to display your banner / youtube video anytype HTML script or images display as a popup.

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15. Popunder Plugin


This gives a bit more control to display content from your Joomla! website. This is done with loading a module position in the content of the plugin.

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