Setup Persistent Shopping Cart for Magento in Easy Steps

If you have an online store having a number of products and frequent visitors, then you must consider setting up a persistent shopping cart. A persistent cart will allow customers to make quick transactions, and as a result will aid more products sale. The shopping cart information can now be easily saved by the help of persistent cookies. So, they don’t have to enter the information again and again.

Magento CMS allows to setup persistent shopping cart for eCommerce websites. This tutorial will guide you in setting up a constant online cart for your Magento store.

Steps on How to Setup Persistent Shopping Cart

Follow the steps to setup a persistent Magento shopping cart for your customers:

  • Log in to your Magento backend after entering correct details
  • Go to System > Configuration from your Admin Panel
  • Select ‘Persistent Shopping Cart’ under Customers in your Configuration panel
  • Click to expand ‘General Options’ section
  • Set ‘Enable Persistence’ to Yes to setup persistent shopping cart
  • Enter ‘Persistence Lifetime’ in seconds to enable cookies for that time period
  • Set ‘Enable Remember Me’ to either Yes or No
  • Set ‘Remember Me Default Value’ to Yes for preselecting the Remember Me checkbox
  • Set ‘Clear Persistence on Logout’ to either Yes or No
  • Click the ‘Save Config’ button to save the changes made

Terminology Associated with Persistent Shopping Cart Setup

  • Persistent Lifetime lets you to save the persistent cookie for that much number of seconds. The default value is one year (31536000). You have to set the cookie lifetime in seconds’ in between 0-31536000 secs.
  • When Enable Remember Me is set to Yes, the Remember Me checkbox is displayed on the login page of the Magento store. It allows customers to save their shopping cart information. When it is set to No, this option is not available to customers.
  • Clear Persistence on Logout when enabled, clears the shopping cart information when a customer logs out. You can enable it by selecting Yes. When you select No, the persistent shopping cart information of the customer is saved.
  • Persist Shopping Cart when set to Yes, the persistent cookie is reserved. A guest shopper can later reuse the shopping cart information whenever he/she logins the second time or creates a new account. But when set to No, the shopping cart information is not preserved.

Assistance to Setup Persistent Shopping Cart in Magento Stores

If you find difficulty to setup a persistent online shopping cart for your Magento website, then Request a Quote. Our Magento support staff will assist you in setting up a persistent shopping cart for your Magento run store. Take your online business to a new level by setting up a persistent shopping cart.