How to Setup Google Checkout Shipping in Magento Stores – Merchant Calculated

Magento CMS facilitates customers by providing smooth shipping methods. Although there are a number of methods for carrying out the shipping procedure, this tutorial will cover step by step tutorial on how to enable and configure Google Checkout Shipping in Magento stores.

Steps to Setup Google Checkout Shipping – Merchant Calculated in Your Magento Store

The following steps will help store managers to setup Google Checkout shipping – Merchant calculated in Magento shopping carts:

  • Log in to your Magento store backend after entering the correct credentials
  • From the Admin Panel, select System > Configuration
  • In the Configuration Panel on the left, under Sales, select the Google API tab
  • Click to expand the Google Checkout Shipping – Merchant Calculated section
  • Next, carryout the following in the Google Checkout Shipping – Merchant Calculated section:
  1. Set Enable Merchant Calculated to Yes
  2. Click the Add Shipping Method button inorder to add a shipping method
  3. Set the Allowed Methods to Select Shipping Method, to specify a shipping method rate
  4. Enter the desired rate in the Default Price text field
  5. If you wish to add more shipping methods click on the Add Shipping Button and carryout the step 3 and 4 again.
  • Click Save Config to save the changes made

This is the most recommended way to setup Google Checkout Shipping – Merchant Calculated. But if you are unable to set it up in your Magento store then Request a Quote with us. Our Magento team of developers will assist you in setting up Google Checkout Shipping in your Magento run online store.