Setup Coupon Codes for Magento Store in Easy Steps

Coupon codes or Promotional codes are a kind of ticket which can be exchanged to get a discount on selected products. Online shopping carts offer different coupon codes for different purposes and for different occasion. They either provide coupons for discount on the same purchased item or on different items.

In Magento content management system too, you can set up a number of coupon codes for customers. Store managers have to explicitly create a promotional code for a product with all the necessary details. These details have been discussed briefly in this post. It also covers how to setup coupon codes for Magento store.

Setup Coupon Codes for Magento Store

Follow the easy steps to setup coupon codes for Magento store.

  • Log in to the Magento Store Backend after entering proper credentials
  • Select promotion > Shopping Cart Price Rules
  • Click the ‘Add New Rule’ button to set your Discount rate.
  • Carryout following more steps to set up coupon codes for Magento Store
  • Open ‘General Information Page’ in Coupon menu
  • Select ‘Specific Coupon Option’ from the drop-down menu
  • In the ‘Coupon Code’ field, enter the Numeric code of the Coupon
  • Set number of times a customer can use the coupon in ‘Uses per Coupon’ field
  • Set number times a customer account can use the option in ‘User per Coupon’ field
  • Specify the validity of the coupon in the ‘From/To Date’ field
  • Click on ‘Save and Continue Editing’ button to save the changes made and make further changes

Coupon codes are very important to attract more customers to the store and retain them. Every online store must offer promotional codes at regular intervals of time. You too can use these above steps to set coupon codes for Magento store.

If you face any difficulty in doing so or are unable to set up coupon codes for Magento store, then contact us. Our Magento team will help you in the process and take your business to the next level.