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SEO Tips for Joomla Websites and Blogs

seo-tips-for-joomla-websitesSearch engine optimization has been around since long, but with changing trends in SEO techniques, it’s hard to master them which would be applicable for all websites. Joomla websites have a complex structure, but with smart optimization it too can outperform most sites. Follow these SEO tips for Joomla websites:

Easy to Follow SEO Tips for Joomla Website

Identical Name
When it comes to search engine optimization, it’s a general tendency to cramp a website with excessive keywords. While registering an URL, choose a name that would be easy to remember. The site name and the domain name must be identical. For example: If domain name is and site name is The Infyways or Infyways Solutions, then clients would be confused whether its Infyways Solutions or Infyways Technology etc.

Avoid Sample Data
Opt out of ‘Install Sample Data’ at the beginning of Joomla install. Otherwise alongwith the webpages, those irrelevant demo pages, news feeds and links will also be cached by the search engines. If you have already installed sample data then, delete those and empty the trash.

Switch on Cache
Another best SEO tips for Joomla website is to switch on cache. Online visitors are not the only ones who like smaller, cleaner and faster Joomla websites, search engines also give preference to those sites that load faster. Turn on the cache in the Global configuration.

Global Links
Instant SEO techniques are almost dead and have fewer roles to play, in recent times. Update the site with quality contents frequently, to make the site more authoritative in your niche. This not only fosters better ranking in search engines, but also improves Page Rank. Higher page rank sites draw more traffic.

Quality, not Quantity
For the Joomla website to rank higher in search engines, it’s not necessary for the site to be loaded with contents. Give more priority to quality content and get rid of all those pages that are just garbage for the Joomla website and search engines. Scan for the contents in Google by the help of Un-necessary pages can be removed by requesting Google to remove the URL.

These are some of the easy to follow SEO tips for Joomla website. For more search engine optimization of your Joomla websites, request a quote today.

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