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Remove Joomla Meta Description Without Editing the Core

How to Remove Joomla Meta Description

Remove Joomla Meta DescriptionJoomla meta description is required because it forms a more compelling web page in search engines. More people will click on sites having a proper meta description in the search engine snippet than random descriptions. But if you wish you can remove the Joomla meta description completely. Edit the templates/mytemplate/ component.php /index.php file.

1. Complete Removal in Component.php file

<jdoc:include type="head" />

2. Individual Removal in Component.php file

  • Access head elements only: $document = $this->getHeadData();
  • Access path reference: $baseURL=JURI::base(true);
  • Access all scripts
foreach ($document[scripts] as $key=>$value){
if (stristr($key,$baseURL)==NULL){$url= $baseURL."/".$key ;}else{$url=$key;}
$scripts .= "<script type=".$value." src=".$url."></script>"; };
  • Access all style sheets
foreach ($document[styleSheets] as $key=>$value){
if (stristr($key,$baseURL)==NULL){$url= $baseURL."/".$key ;}else{$url=$key;}
$style .= "<link rel='stylesheet' type=".$value[mime]." href=".$url." />"; };
  • Access all internal scripts elements
foreach ($document[script] as $key=>$value){
 $scripts .= "<script type=".$key." >".$value."</script>"; }
  • Access all custom scripts
foreach ($document[custom] as $value){
$custom .= $value; }

3. Remove Joomla Meta Description Without Editing Component.php file

  • Create new tmpl file in template folder. Eg [installation path]/ template/ mytemplate/
  • Using plugins

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