Redirect Magento Search Terms in Easy Steps

Magento is an advanced content management system for developing and designing eCommerce websites. It has several features for easy customizations. In our last blog post, we dealt with how to make a Magento URL redirect for a category page as well as product page. We also covered how to make a custom URL rewrite in Magento.

Here we will be discussing the steps to redirect Magento search terms and the need for such a redirect. So before going into the details of Magento redirect of search terms, let us first know why you should redirect them and what its advantages are.

Why Redirect Magento Search Terms

If you used to sell a particular product in your Magento stores and had a landing page for the term “Magento Image Gallery Extension”. And now you are no longer developing that extension. So under such circumstances, you can redirect your old customers to a new landing page.

This is the main motive of a Magento redirect for search terms. If you want to make a redirect too, then follow the tutorial given below.

Redirect Magento Search Terms

  • Log in to your backend after providing the correct credentials
  • Next, you need to select Catalog > Search Terms
  • Click on the ‘Edit’ button next to the search term which is to be redirected
  • In the ‘Redirect URL’, enter the URL to which a customer should be redirected
  • Click on the ‘Save Search’ button to save the changes made

This is the most recommended method to redirect Magento search terms. If you face any difficulty in doing so, then request a quote with us. Our Magento team will help you in redirecting Magento search terms easily.