Reasons to Upgrade your Website Server

A frequent question which you will come across various forums is, ‘My website is doing fine, still do I have to upgrade my servers? What if I don’t?’ Native site owners may think of not upgrading the server when their website is peaking, but what if the website’s popularity is more than the current server can handle! Here are some important reasons to upgrade your website server even though you have no need.

Reasons Why You Should Prefer a Dedicated Server for Your Business Website

Ofcourse, you won’t fancy your email, services and online presence of your thriving business getting interrupted. Apart from this, the following are some of the main reasons why site owners upgrade the servers well before time and why you too should upgrade your website server at the earliest:

  • Improves Website Speed: Once your website starts growing, you will need more space for maintaining the databases, parked domains, if any and also the web contents like images, videos and other multimedia files. So for faster processing and uptime, you need a better performing server. A dedicated server instead of a shared server will help.

Making a switch to an improved server has also many SEO benefits. Better uptime and website load time will aid your web pages to achieve higher ranks in search engine results.

  • Provide Improved Services: Sometimes there may be need to share business models, product catalogs and other information with your customers. These files can either be in PDF format or as videos, depending on the customer’s convenience. So what if you need to upload such content in bulk. For this you need to upgrade your servers.

In a shared server, you find a number of websites hosted. In fact if you have a parked domain or an Add on domain, chances are it too is hosted in the same server. But having a dedicated server for your website ensures your website does not interfere with other accounts.

  • Develop Multiple Websites: Web designers and programmers will find it more beneficial to host their website on a dedicated server. They can even add their client’s website on a dedicated or reseller server. This helps them to work with client websites hosted on the same server.

In case you wish to host your client’s website on your own server, you can provide them the cPanel credentials to access their account, apart from maintaining your own website on the same server.

Apart from these reasons, you may also wish to transfer your website to a new server if the current server is not secure or reliable. Getting better facilities at an affordable price is another reason why you may think of upgrading your server.

So depending on your website’s requirement, amount of traffic it gets, size of your website and the estimated size it requires to grow, type of website and other factors, you can choose any one of the available servers – Shared, Dedicated and Virtual Private Server.

If you are unable to decide which type of server your website needs, then feel free to Request a Quote. One of our service engineers will assist you in selecting the best server for you. For CMS upgrade, you can check our following upgrade services as well:

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