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Optimize load speed of Joomla website

Designing multi-functional Joomla websites is always a tempting thought for every user, but is it worthwhile to have a plug-ins loaded website? Why do Joomla developers insist to give more priority to page speed? It’s because with Google pointing out SERPs (Search Engine Result Page) as a deciding factor for page ranking, faster web pages is the need of the hour. For search engine marketing point of view, SPO should also be given its due importance just like SEO. Rather, SPO complements SEO, because even if the page ranks higher in the search engine, slow Joomla websites have greater bounce rates.

Why to Optimise Joomla WebPages?

  • Just like users, search engines like faster loading page. Slower pages have low page ranks.
  • WebPages that take more time to load, have greater bounce rates. If page optimisation is not done immediately, then search engines will lower their ranks.
  • Slower Joomla web pages lead to increased bandwidth usage of the server.

How to Optimise Joomla WebPages?

Joomla Database Optimization
Frequently optimise the Database tables and boost speed. Optimise tables by logging into phpMyAdmin, select all the tables in the database and click on Optimise.

Joomla Image Optimization
Images add an aesthetic look to the website, but try to use minimum images. Too many images or large sized images slower the web pages considerably. Use images that are optimised for the web only. Softwares like Photoshop have a provision to compress images.

Joomla Template index.php Optimisation
Each index.php file of the Joomla template has unnecessary lines about the template description, in the form of comment lines, which need to be removed. Plus, lines of codes that are of no particular use for the concerned webpage can also be eliminated or replaced with optimised codes. Minify the codes.

Joomla Website Optimisation

  • Required and less no. of Joomla extensions (plug-ins, components, modules) are to be installed. Get rid of unwanted extensions. Remember, not all good extensions are good and trust-worthy. So always choose GNU/GPL Joomla licensed extensions.
  • Turn on Gzip compression by Global Configuration>>Server and set Gzip Enabled. This ensures compression of the web pages before being sent to the server. You may also boost Joomla page speed by setting Joomla Cache (Global Configuration>>Settings>>Joomla Cache) enabled Installing query cache component and enabling caching foe Joomla modules also leads to increased speed.

Joomla Debugging
Enable debugging from the Joomla configuration. Check out all DB queries that are being executed and look for recurring (or repeating) queries. If the recurring queries are being executed too many times, then disable the extension. And if the extension is non-replaceable, then contact a Joomla developer.

Follow these simple steps to optimize Joomla website. And if you want to have even more fast loading websites, request a quote to hire a professional.

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