Wordpress Tips and Tricks

New tools to revolutionize your workflow in WordPress

WordPress is a free web based software program that deals with Content Management Solution (CMS) which is quite famous among bloggers and often referred to as bloggers’ heaven. Its experience in CMS, especially in blogging, web designing and marketing these art forms is second to none. But as “Change is the only constant truth”, it also needs to be updated or rather developed into a more user friendly programmers. Thus realizing the call of the era, it has introduced adaptability for new tools designed by geniuses of plethora of superb programmers to revolutionize your workflow in wordpress.

One of those numerous new innovation transforming the world of wordpress is described here as an example of the power of these new tools. The recently released, Pagelines developed addition to their already highly appreciated series of popular framework software, Platform Pro i.e. Platform Pro 1.3.1 is the perfect design tool and the brand new introduction to wordpress. For those who are ignorant of the tremendously effective software, it is a range of dry and drop theme framework that allows you the liberty to build custom websites that get rejuvenated by your imagination through dropping and dragging of layouts. Its draggable layout builder that lets you pick the layout out of any place and place it on a page by page basis has taken it to a new level. This development has carved a cake way out of a previously hectic job.

Some other attractive features include:

  • Web Typography Tool: It is a magical tool rendering you with the power to choose amidst an array of 50+ fonts, with the ability to vary their weight, style, spacing, variant and properties with a facility to peek in a preview before actually landing it.
  • Meta Panel: It is an interface software that converges all meta options to one panel and makes it far more easier for the user
  • Secondary Navigation: This is an additional navigation system to guide you out when you feel lost while making or visiting a website or a blog. It is an add on to the already existing navigation software for better user compatibility.
  • Brand Navigation: It is the addition of a new location allowing you navigation inline with logistics and algorithms for every new addition. It is often regarded to be the apex feature of this new software.

Along with all these and more than 20 new features in this one tool, you can imagine the way wordpress is transformed into a more user compatible solution stop by addition of even more tools like moneybreaker, paypal and redirecting to related posts and site on a partnership basis.

With all this and a lot more, wordpress is not only confirmed to sustain its position and reputation, but rather grow bigger as a brand. Now they have done their best to develop as the best technologically and are only waiting from you to check them out and give your valuable feedback and appreciate their hard work and allow them to help you even more.