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Make your WordPress Site mobile friendly with these 3 Plugins

Mobile users use the web frequently with the mobile browsers. So, if you are not creating your site that is not friendly for the mobile users, then you are not going to increase your audience. When you want to do this, there are a few requirements. You would need a plugin that performs well with WordPress 3.1, no registration required, development server installation not required, should detect mobile device and the custom themes too, and importantly, the plugin should not be a system that always forwards the users to the online mobilization service simply.

Only a couple of plugins can offer you all these. Here is how you can make your WordPress site mobile friendly with these 3 plugins.

WP Mobile Detector:

You can adapt a website for a mobile with a few clicks by this plugin that is offered by Most of the plugins do not target more than a dozen gadgets, while WP mobile detector supports over 5000 gadgets that include smartphones, tablets, web enabled phones and other small screen gadgets. The features of this plugin are:

  1. 9 mobile themes
  2. Supports WordPress widgets
  3. Can create multilingual site
  4. Can resize image for the target gadget
  5. Can format the content automatically
  6. Can assess the web traffic statistics and identify the traffic percentage of the basic and advanced mobiles

WordPress Mobile Pack:

You can have a fine grained control over your mobile with this plugin. Using the domain mapping or the user agent, you can identify the devices. However, this way only the most popular devices can be found out. There are 4 various color schemes and there is an elegant theme. Quite a few  people, may find it a letdown to see the array of options spread over various pages. However, when you use it on a mobile, the plugin gets itself shifted to suit the small screen device.


This plugin is created by Aduity, a company that offers advertising solutions for mobile phones. This feature is also available but it is your option to use the same. You can avail it if you require it.  This is most simple plugin to use and there are a very few options. You can make use of the plugin in the mobile view. For this you do not require a real mobile device. This way it is easy to test this device. You also require no domain mapping for testing this device. If you find the options to be very few and require more, then the developers can create their own. This alternative makes it more flexible. You can get this plugin free from and

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