Make Magento Store Offline using 503 Service Unavailable

Magento offers features to make Magento store offline. The default page is 503 ready. So it prevents search engines from removing your Magento website from their indexing. You can even modify the page without affecting your customer’s experience.

There are a number of reasons why a store manager needs to make Magento store offline. The most obvious is to make some changes in the store or for maintenance reasons. You too can make your Magento shopping cart go offline temporarily.

This blog post will help you to make Magento store offline easily. You can even redirect your store to a custom page instead of the default page.

Easy Steps to Make Magento Store Offline

You can make your Magento store offline by following these quick steps. But before that make sure you have a list of IP addresses you want to exempt from redirecting to your maintenance mode page.

  • Log in to the Magento backend after entering the correct credentials
  • From Admin Panel Select System > Configuration
  • In the General settings section, select ‘Maintenance Mode’
  • Expand the Maintenance mode option bar
  • Set ‘Enable Maintenance Mode’ to Yes
  • From the dropdown menu in the Maintenance mode page, select 503 Service Unavailable
  • In ‘Whitelist Field’ enter the IP Addresses you want to exempt from redirecting
  • Click ‘Save Config’ to save the changes made

Follow the steps to make Magento store offline for some period of time.

If you are unable to successfully redirect your store to your maintenance mode splash page, then Request a Quote. Our Magento support staff will assist you in making your Magento store go offline for as long as you want. We also design custom Magento Offline page.