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Magento extensions that can boost your sales

Magento is a specialized eCommerce platform, which is highly secured and offers World’s popular online payment gateway services which ensure that online buyers will have their credentials and credit cards secured and safe. The power-packed features of this energetic and reliable platform are being open source, along with tons extensions available for customization and have also been incorporated with a solid admin area. Apart from that, the craze for Magento ecommerce stores is improving steadily and healthily among business entrepreneurs. Magento has become quite stable and trustworthy over years. Magento websites have the capacity to deliver high-quality outputs when it comes to business.

As improving sales is the agenda for all businesses, learning a few techniques and tricks should be known that would increase the sales of the products and services. Here, I wish to help you with a pack of few Magento extensions that can make significant contribution towards Magneto web store efficiency. So read through to find out the Magento extensions that can boost your sales.

One-Step Checkout:

 Persistent check-out problem is one of the complicated processes involving order placement.Only few have the patience to hold on with the check-out issues, while most abandon their orders for purchasing their products. So, installation of One Step Checkout extension is the best and effective way to put an end to this problem, as it increases the sales volume considerably.


Springbot is a Magento extension which is built to organize huge amount of data including analytical reports and customer behaviour and which can help to understand return of investment and track results. It helps to increase revenue as it facilitates analysis of data according to factors including gender, age, location and annual income. It gives an understanding of customer behaviour and their reaction about your website, product category they  clicked the most and  what they would more like to buy which is infect most important information to plan and execute  effective marketing campaign. Such analysis will help a lot in increasing the profit.

Magento Power Pac:

This is an efficient and cost-effective one as it is a collection of best 5 Magento extensions. This extension is a compelling sales booster for all kinds of ecommerce websites.

Youama Ajax Login and Register:

 Magento Youama Ajax Login and Registration extension allows your customers to Login or Register without reloading the page and enables your customer to spend more time on your store with quick registration option and pop up login.

Customer Follow-up:

It is another fascinating tool for prompting sales. This tool embedded in website follows up the customers who leave the shopping cart abruptly or due to various reasons after visiting the store with auto-response emails. As these kinds of mails have the tendency to change the mind of visitors, this is an interesting strategy for business improvement.

Magento Daily Deal:

One can effortlessly manage one or more deals on the products with the use of Magento Daily Deal extension. Magento Daily Deal extension helps store owners create and manage multiple deals in the most professional way. Deals can be shown on multiple pages like product page, daily deal page or on sidebar

Magento QR Code:

Quick Response codes for Magento, are nothing but automatically generated codes for all the products in the online store catalogue. The advantage of using them in your website is that it becomes easy to access the product; mobile users can benefits a lot on using this QR code for scanning their products and excellent tracking of products and pages.

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