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Magento Ecommerce and the Wholesale Business: A solution

Magento Ecomemrce, the open source plugin application for ecommerce site, is flexible and highly useful. You can create a solution for the wholesale and retail business management projects using this application. In most of the cases the online shop owners want their customers, who buy good on a retail basis to see the price of a product in a different value while the others who are buying on wholesale should see the price tag with a different value, that is with a discount of the rates. Also, in almost all the cases there cannot be mathematical dependency expected. For instance, in retail a product can be sold for $100 and for wholesalers it can be $50. In other cases, the rate for the retail customers can be $60 and for the retailers it may be $40. This piece of information tells you how to tackle with this issue.

1. Creating Magento Sites:

You need to create two Magento sites, one for wholesalers and one for retailers. The result obtained is that two sites that have the same category, same products and same price and product tree that are same and alike, but the rates are different for different types of customers.

2. Price Scope:

  • Go to System Configuration
  • Choose catalog
  • Click the Price Set Drop Down Box and select Website
  • This lets you enter the prices for the website based on the criteria

3. Install Plugins:

You can activate plugins like Netzarbeiter catalog, and Netzarbeiter Customer activation. You need to verify if the admin approves this. These plugins can be activated for the wholesale websites only. You need to make sure that they are enabled for wholesale website and disabled for retail website. The first plugin need to be enabled by system > configuration > catalog > login only catalog. The second one can be disabled or enabled System > Configuration > Customer > Customer Activation.

4. Setting Separate URL for websites:

You can also differentiate between the sites by offering 2 different URLs for the wholesale customers and retail customers. You can create a directory for the wholesale customers.

5. Change the wholesale path from admin:

You can also achieve the desired results by changing the wholesale path from admin.

  • Go to system
  • Choose the configuration option
  • Click General
  • Choose Web
  • Change the paths by adding the relevant websites

6. Adding Products to the sites:

When you add new products to your online site, you need to make sure that the customers of all the types should see them, meaning that both the sites should be seeing the products. Go to the product page and click the website tab. This process lets the retail customers to the price scale and the product list meant for them and the wholesalers can get to see the price list and categories meant for them.

You can also import thousands of products from the other ERP system to your ecommerce site.

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