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Lesser Known Options in WordPress

Expression is a tool in every hand, but seldom do people realize the importance of letting their thoughts, opinions and suggestions be read or heard. They want everyone around to ask their opinion but, it’s now a thing of the past. Individuals no longer hold on to friends,  admirers who seek their advice instead, they prefer posting their views, feels, suggestions, recommendations online for the use of the online community, which has very aptly termed this practice as Blogging. And to add cherry on top, it’s free !!! WordPress, happens to be the  largest open source platform for bloggers and is maintained by a core team but contributions in form of bug reporting, script suggestions are welcome from anyone. Since, it’s inception in 2003, from a few members to millions who simultaneously are using it, it has gained much attention both of the users as well as the coders, who always stay in track to spot a bug or put in a suggestive thought. This article will deal with some very less known options and hidden functions in WordPress that could come in handy while working on this simple yet magnificent platform.

To talk of ease of expressing one’s thoughts, widgets, buttons, links and menus always tend to freak writers out and quite rightly so. The amount of options in form of buttons provided is quite large and writers often get distracted. To overcome this we take the help of a ‘button’. A full screen button under the edit screen option in a post/page that removes all the excessive buttons, thus letting you focus in your content.

Want to add a lengthy  look to your post by cracking it up into multiple pages? Then go ahead, use the following code in the text mode of your editor


Depending  upon the theme you chose, you’ll see page numbers being displayed at the bottom with the current page index being highlighted.

From whenever reading came into light, interests have always blurred the human eye and thus we tend to seek things that relate to our interests the most. Moreover, a regular blogger realizes that some of his posts tend to draw in much more audience that other posts and thus framing it as a welcome could be a smart option. For this WordPress provides us with the Sticky Posts option. Under the edit link in your publish widget of the post and check the box with the message “stick this post to the front page” and thus you have a post that draws in audience welcoming you new readers.

Including social media in you blogs can also have positive consequences like extending your readership to people over your social network, letting your friends, colleagues and bosses know about your skill. Twitter happens to be one such source that provide a variety of readership and all you got to do is get the url of the tweet you want to post and paste it into your post editor window.