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Lesser known facts about WordPress admin bar

Along with the development of new technologies and frequent modification of existing technologies, WordPress-the famous free web based software program is becoming much more than just a tool for bloggers. It is being modified time to time and a lot of cool features are being added to it. WordPress admin bar is one of the newest features added to WordPress. But the entire benefits of this feature is lesser known to bloggers. So, let us disclose some lesser known facts about WordPress admin bar.

Before going to know about WordPress admin bar, make sure you have already used the blog. So you must have used the administration bar which was added to connect the back end to the front end of your blog in WordPress 3.1. I f you are on multi-site installs, then by using this feature, you can add other useful links, advertisement and much more on the admin bar . And if you are a single site user, you will be provided the benefit of 1-click access to dashboard. Moreover if you are a beginner, this WordPress admin bar has a lot in store for you. By using this, you can easily

  • Edit the posts
  • Write a new post
  • Check the updates
  • Get short-link and much more

Furthermore you don’t have to look further to find a branded short URL for your webpage as this feature is also added in the WordPress admin bar.

After using this, if you do not like this new feature, you need not have to worry as there is a way you can easily disable this admin bar. Just follow the simple steps to remove it.

  • Go to users
  • Click on your profile
  • Then simply check off the options available like “when viewing site” or “in dashboard”

But these steps are for user basis. If you are working on a site for a client and you want to remove it for each user, then simply open your theme’s functions.php file and copy the appropriate codes available on net and paste there.

As you know the WordPress admin bar is by default at top of the page, if you do not like this placement, you can easily move it to the bottom. Just find the appropriate code from net and add those in your functions.php file.

If you are a theme developer or a plug-in author, you can certainly hook into the admin bar to make things easy. Though you can use plugins like WP-Bitly or WordPress SEO for this purpose, you can also find the simple codes and add to your functions.php file to do so.

Now, if you want to customize the wordpress admin bar for your site or network, you might not want all the links, you just need to add appropriate codes to your functions.php file. To use this feature, you have to know the ids used for each link like my-account, edit, my-blogs, new-content, comments, updates, appearance, get-shortlink etc or you can find these default ids by looking at appropriate file at wordpress. You can also create your own drop down in the admin bar by following Michael Martin’s tutorial.

According to Matt Mullenweg, this is the “first step toward a front-end editor”. Do follow the above steps and build and maintain your blogs easily by the help of this newest and coolest feature.

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