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Joomla website is hacked – Recover it with Easy Steps

Joomla website is hacked – How to Recover it

Joomla website is hackedThe developers at Joomla roll out new versions frequently. This Joomla upgrade on timely basis is mainly due to security concerns. With every new launch, the Joomla developers ensure that the currently detected bugs and errors are eliminated. They also launch more stable Joomla versions so that a Joomla website is not easily hacked.

Joomla Website is Hacked – What to do

In case your Joomla website is hacked and the login credentials are compromised, then what can you do? This post covers all the procedures you need to follow once you find your Joomla website is hacked.

  • Reset the passwords of all administrators on your Joomla site, including yours.
  • Change the password of the control panel of your web host.
  • Change the password of the Database user name and update it in the config.php page.
  • Download and install good admin tools for your website. These tools have emergency auto-offline mode.
  • Goto the cPanel log section and check the IP addresses with which edits were made. Block the IPs.
  • Delete all third-party installations and re-install fresh copies.

These procedures will surely help you in regaining control over your Joomla website once again. But, if you are unable to detect the cause for which your Joomla website is hacked, then request a quote. Our team of Joomla security experts will provide assured satisfactory services at affordable price.

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