Joomla Site Transfer

It may seem peculiar to transfer an existing Joomla website, but sometimes Joomla users have to choose for Joomla site transfer for obvious reasons. Following are a number of situations when site owners would like to avail Joomla site transfer services:

  • The host is unable to provide good bandwidth to Joomla site that has grown enormously
  • Security breach or the Joomla site’s credentials have been compromised
  • More features offered by another Joomla hosting provider
  • Joomla site is too slow to operate

So primarily we can sum up, Joomla users look for transferring their site from one host to another because of  issues with the host.

How to Transfer Joomla Websites

Transferring large Joomla sites with GBs of data can be a headache for most site owners. Apart from ensuring proper transfer of the entire site’s content, the downtime too has to be minimized. One easy way is to download the data of the entire website and then upload it to the new host. Ofcourse this is not the best method any site owner should adopt.

So to provide a more time saving and effective way of transferring Joomla websites, we offer an alternate method which is recommended by the entire Joomla community. This Joomla site transfer practice is:

  • Faster
  • Convenient
  • Safer

Joomla Site Transfer Services

We at Infyways Solutions have successfully transferred Joomla websites from one host to another effectively on a number of occasions. Some of our major highlights of Joomla site transfer services are:

  • Completely secure
  • Friendly and 24X7 customer support
  • Support by emails, chat and telephone
  • 100% Satisfaction guaranteed or full money back
  • Transparent work – Nothing is hidden
  • Delivery within 48 hours

So if you are dissatisfied with your host and want to switch over to a new host, then Request a Quote for Joomla site Transfer. Our Joomla support staff will help you migrate your Joomla website to a new host. You can ask for any of the following services we currently offer:

  • Migrate Joomla 1.5 Website to new host
  • Migrate Joomla 1.7 Website to new host
  • Migrate Joomla 2.5 Website to new host
  • Migrate Joomla 3.0 Website to new host

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